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Arthur Lubow: Diane Arbus. Portrait of a Photographer

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Arthur Lubow: Diane Arbus. Portrait of a Photographer
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On this day in 1923 one of the most powerful and influential American artists of the 20th century was born: photographer Diane Arbus, known through her portrayal of marginalized people – dwarfs, giants, transgender people. In her work, Arbus would spent weeks, sometimes years to get to know her subjects. The 700 page biography “Diane Arbus. Portrait of a Photographer” by New York Times author Arthur Lubow takes on the same sensitivity and curiosity to one of the most complex and fascinating women artists in 20th century photography. Through interviews with friends and colleagues and previously unknown letters, Lubow traces Arbus’ journey from a successfull New York fashion photographer to the unique and hugely influential artist she is seen as today. But “Portrait of a Photographer” is not only a magnificent biography – it is also an important contribution to sweeping away the persistent clichés surrounding Arbus’ work and life. Lubow’s book portraits Diane Arbus not as a tortured soul or privileged exploiter, but as the complex, genious and contradictory woman and artist she was.