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Full House – Diez Office


Full House – Diez Office
Text in German or English
39,80 Euro

Full House – Diez Office has been published as part of the exhibition at Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln under the same title. Full House does not only show the experiemental and passionate works of German designer Stefan Diez, it also documents unfinished, not realized or failed projects. The thought- and material processes behind Diez’ design become visible, almost touchable, through photographs, sketches and commentary – illuminating the reasons of why Diez might be one of Germany’s most exciting industrial designers. And what would a design publication be without a beautiful layout? The clarity, simplicity yet savvyness of Diez’ designs are perfectly mirrored in each of the over 300 pages. The corresponding essays, interviews and index of Diez’ works makes “Full House” more than an ordinary catalogue. Full House – Diez Office is available in English and German.