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100 years of Russian Revolution


Flaneur #6
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Soviet Bus Stops
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Revolution. A Reader
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Almost to the day 100 years ago, the strike of factory workers in St Petersburg led to one of the biggest revolutions in history: The Russian Revolution of 1917 marked the end of czardom and eventually led to the formation of the UdSSR five years later. Tracing urban structures, bus stops in particular CHRISTOPHER HERWIG draws a picture of the urban physiognomy of sowjet Russia – while FLANEUR’s last issue walks down Moscow’s Boulevard Ring. The ‘fragments of a street’ uncovers the multiple layers, stories and histories of Moscow’s most prominent street structure, visible and invisible. A lot has happened since 1917 and the concept of ‘revolution’ might seem outdated, idealistic or even an empty notion. REVOLUTION. A READER takes a spin on the word, reviving it with new meaning. If we look closer, micro-revolutions happen not only in the streets, but in conversation and our relation to others, everywhere, everyday.