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Foam #47 / Kunstforum #246


Foam #47
Text in English
22,50 Euro

Kunstforum International #246
Text auf Deutsch
22,00 Euro

In an age defined by the alarming rise of Post-Truth politics (‘post-faktisch’ became word of the year in 2016, lets not forget..), it is imperative to take a closer look at the nature and provenance of information, representation, especially within visual media formats. Here is our choice of critical invastigations into the matter: FOAM’s latest issue ‘Propaganda’Foam’s latest issue ‘Propaganda’ with works by Thomas Mailaender, Sarah Maple, Robert Rauschenberg, and many more. Or the German KUNSTFORUM International, devoting one issue to the Public Image and its discontents, with contributions by and interviews with Mark Terkessidis, Peter Piller, Bela B, Jonathan Meese, Annette Kulenkampff and many more.