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Walter Benjamin – On Photography


Walter Benjamin – On Photography
edited and translated by Esther Leslie
Text in English
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‘On Photography’ – in times of digital media, HD cameras or virtual reality we might seem to have enough material to read ‘on photography’ in contemporary literature. Walter Benjamin, German philosopher and critic of the 1920s was writing about photography as it slowly became commonplace – offering a fascinating critique as well as an uncompromising analysis of the new emerging visual culture. His writings have become not only an important source for contemporary aesthetics – they are a timely example of critical and engaging writing on media and culture overall. Edited by Esther Leslie (London), Walter Benjamin: On Photography is the collection of Benjamin’s work on the subject. This small book includes writings, which have never been published before or have been translated here for the first time. The small publication comes with an introduction into Benjamin’s work on photography by the editor herself, as well as 31 illustrations – some of which are the particular images Benjamin had been writing about. On Photography is a book about commercial studio photography, Germaine Krull and Eugène Atget, about postcards and shop windows, Grandville and Kafka ; for we “may know more of what those curling bits of paper are, now our image worlds are digitized.”