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Beneficial Shock #2

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Beneficial Shock! #2
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How would a standard film magazine typically look like? Right, the reviews, the celebrity news and many press images ready for use. But this stuff doesn’t always keep the conversation flowing in the bar after a film. Beneficial Shock! gives alternative doses of cinematic input, twice a year to keep us going. The material is put together by illustrators, designers and writers who love to probe the specific scenes or themes that provoke us and the images that are powerful enough to haunt us in our dreams. Besides the visually engaging illustrations this issue stands out with the topics it covers. For instance, in Spy Anxiety, Harry Haysom critically reinterprets four Bond films using Carl Jung’s psychoanalysis. And in a globetrotting journey through cinema censorship, editor Gabriel Solomons tracks some episodes of censorship in Israel, Burma, China and North Korea which are carried, almost comically, under all possible health, political, and the good old public-morals-protection claims.