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n+1 #30


– #30, Winter 2017/18
€ 15,-

n + 1 is the Brooklyn-based literary magazine which comes twice a year to articulate trenchant and often brilliantly original critiques of the current affairs in culture, politics and the letters. Like every issue, this Winter 2018 edition opens with a criticism of the intellectual scene in a section called ‘The Intellectual Situation’, before discussing a bunch of intricate, politically tinged matters: ‘Freedom, she asks: What is it?’, ‘A coup d’état in the collective unconscious’, then proposes some closely argued essays: ‘Being a man is stupid and boring’, ‘On the wages of whiteness’…etc. n + 1 is politically engaged, without being ideological, embraces academic theories (i.e. critical theory), without resorting to needless academic jargon.