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10th Berlin Biennale Catalogue


10th Berlin Biennale Catalogue – We Don’t Need Another Hero – 2018
€ 29,90

This month Berlin hosts one of the most anticipated events of the year: The Biennale for Contemporary Art. Spread across five venues, this year’s thematic focus is encapsulated in one printed catalogue. Some of the raised questions touch upon how do we understand the relationships between the past and the present, particularly when it comes to thinking about valuable items and collectables which found their way to Europe via colonial routes. Included is “Dear History, we don’t need more heroes”, an essay by the Biennale’s curator Gabi Ngcobo pointing at power abuse. And “I’m not who you think I’m not,” a manifesto challenging socially constructed forms of being and knowledge. In addition to nicely presented notes about the participating artists and their contributions.