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South #10


South – As State of Mind #10
€ 29,90

Back in 2015 during the 14th edition of documenta, South – as a State of Mind was endorsed as the festival’s printed publication. Conceived as a space of resistance rather than of confirmation, the journal itself endorses “the south”, as a notion beyond geographical terms. It probes into attempts of maintaining imperial hegemony and tyrannical power structures or what Suely Rolnik, one of the issue’s contributors calls “The Abuse of Life”. The larger spectrum of this 10th issue’s theme, Maintenance, is set forth in a piece written back in 1969 by Mierle Laderman Ukeles where she speaks about reproduction, attention and cleaning; being the components of maintenance activity as forms of art and even revolutionary acts. The relaunch of South as a re-independent magazine syncs up to the opening of the 10th Berlin Biennial, whose curators and selected artists contributed a crucial segment.