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Christmas Gift Guide – The Planterieur

You want that instagram home with that window sill full of succulents? Your brothers only plant has only three leaves left and fights for his life on a drop of water once a month? Your company just moved into a new office and you want to give your boss a hint? Well here they are, [...]

Christmas Gift Guide – The Feminist

This is for all the strong woman! We will making this world better, just watch (or read)! Hair – Ken Kagami, Riposte, Mushpit, Aperture, Ladybeard

Christmas Gift Guide – The Lazy Cat On Your Couch

The ultimate gift for your fat lazy cat. Do some workout, man! This is a calendar with images of jumping cats by Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Apocalyptic Visionary

It’s monday and again the world is still here… if you have relatives who love conspirancy theories and believe the Zombie Apocalypse is coming, well we have even something for them. Or if your friend is just plain right frightened in this unstable world (aka 09.November), then give them something to read: Roald Dahl – [...]

Christmas Gift Guide – The Visually Obsessed

This is for your friend who can not get enough of weirdly fascinating pictures with popping colours, of still lifes with colourful random objects, of patterns in memphis style: Toiletpaper, Nathalie du Pasquier – Don’t take these drawings seriously and, very nice, Takashi Suzuki – Bau.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Poet

This compilation is for all lovers and creators of aesthetic and rhythmic words: Popshot Magazine, Sonnets by Walter Benjamin, Anthology of Concrete Poetry, Poetry Magazine & Haiku by Rafael Rozendaal.

Christmas Gift Guide – The Fashionist

For all the male fashionistas, for all the gentleman with style, for all the well dressed chaps and the brothers who just take too damn long in the bathroom… Fashion for Men, Men of Style, Men and Style, Behind the Blinds

Christmas Gift Guide – The Reader

The Reader – Well, some just like to read a good story and even for them we have something in stock. Zadie Smith – “Swing Time”, Patti Smith – “Just Kids”, Jonathan Safran Foer – “Here I am” and the magazine for book lovers: The Happy Reader!

Christmas Gift Guide – The Cynic With The Missing Drinking Problem

Some good presents for your aunt with the cynical weltanschauung, who does not understand that a drinking habit would make her character so much more plausible. Or of course for you, if only drinking helps you keep a holy smile on your face when you have to sit with all your relatives for christmas dinner…

Christmas Gift Guide – The Lover of Flesh

From the actual “flesh is meat is food” to Brad Pitt to the Lapham’s Quaterly scholarly piece of the history of the flesh: Fat Brad, Lucky Peach – The Wurst, Lapham’s Quaterly – Flesh (For Instagram we chose the non age-restricted reading materials for the devourer of flesh. For the other ones you have to [...]

Christmas Gift Guide – The Traveling Architect

Do you know someone who travels half the globe to look at a building? Who understands culture through built environement? Or an architect, who (like all architects) truly derserves a holiday? Well, this is for them: Mid-Century Modern Architecture Travel Guide, Italo Modern 1&2 (now also in english), Imperium Romanum, David Chipperfield – The Embedded [...]

Christmas Gift Guide – The Dropout

If recent events let you believe that you need to leave society and people behind you and live alone in the woods or even start your own country, then this is for you! (Or of course for your uncle who just can not deal with human kind anymore) The Hinterland, How to Make a Nation, [...]

Masks in the Forest

The Movement of Clouds around Mount Fuji

The New Curator

Watercolours by Finn Juhl

The Kitchen – Studio Olafur Eliasson


Confabulations – Torbjørn Rødland

House Is A House Is A House Is A House

Luigi Ghirri – The Complete Essays

Yokainoshima – Island of Monsters

A Royal Sport – Jack London

Quantified Selves and Statistic Bodies

Grace – Thirty years of fashion at Vogue

Making Heimat.

Lost In #11



Nasenlöcher –Gen-Ichiro Yagyu Text auf Deutsch € 13,00 Das Buch “Nasenlöcher“ ist ein Kinderbuch–Klassiker aus Japan und nun bei Rollo Press zum ersten Mal auf Deutsch erschienen. Auf 28 Seiten erfährt man alles Nützliche und Unnützliche, was man über Nasenlöcher wissen sollte. Nicht nur warum man sich nichts in die Nase stecken sollte, woher der [...]

Life is strange

Life is strange Text auf Englisch € 30,00

Alisdair Mclellan: Ceremony

Alisdair Mclellan: Ceremony/b> Text auf Englisch € 53,00


Fashiontribes Text auf Englisch € 31,00

How to be Parisian…

How to be Parisian… Text auf Englisch € 25,00

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