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Not today – #2

Pin-Up – #16

Pin-Up – #16 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € First Design issue, including an 80 pages MILANO SPECIAL. With Max Lamb; Patricia Urquiola; Nathalie du Pasquier; Studio Formafantasma; Matthew Barney; Luigi Caccia Dominioni; Alessandro Mendini; Comme des Garçons/Dover Street Market ;The Haas Brothers; Francesco Vezzoli

Crush Fanzine – #9

Crush Fanzine – #9 Text auf Englisch € 14,00 With contributions by: Gordon von Steiner, Alissa Bennett, Maison Martin Margiela, Michelle Violy Harper, Jean Paul Paula, Nicolas Wagner, Matin Zad, Tetsu Kobota, Shala Rothenberg, Jan Wandrag, Storny+Misericordia, Emma Picq, Mark Seltman, Julien Bernard, Chris Wegman, Jeremy Bernard andLucas Mäthger.

Spike – #39

Spike – #39 Text auf Deutsch und Englisch € 9,50 Alexander R. Galloway introduces Spike’s network-themed issue with an essay about the asymmetric nature of networks and the hyper-regulated space of the Internet. Curator and activist Ben Vickers discusses the difference between networks and institutions, new community-based social models, and the London post-Internet scene; and New [...]

Reportagen – #16

Reportagen – #16 Text auf Deutsch € 15,00 Gesucht: Verlierer der amerikanischen Wirtschaftskrise, alleinstehend, ungebunden, für den Traumjob auf der Farm. Claas Relotius traf sich mit einem, der die Stelle angetreten hat – dem einzigen, der noch lebt. An der Küste der Normandie lassen sich reiche Pariserinnen von der Meeresbrise und einem Hauch Nostalgie umwehen. Sabine [...]

EY! – Magateen #9

EY! – Magateen #9 Text auf Englisch € 42,00 EY! MAGATEEN 9th Issue. New York New York! 160 pages, 2 gatefold posters, 6 postcards THE STRIPPER KIT! Diesel underwear + EY! Dollars Photography by Steven Klein, Styling by Nicola Formichetti Edition, Creative Direction and Publication by Luis Venegas

Encens – #31

Encens – #31 Text auf Englisch € 29,00 Alba is the muse and became one with the fabric of this edition. According to their interviews, the designers in this issue seem to follow a similar pattern. Their muse is themselves or a well-informed alter-ego. In an exploded world, where images chaotically surge upon computer screens, [...]

Konstantin Grcic – Panorama

Konstanton Grcic – Panorama Text auf Deutsch oder Englisch € 69,90 Konstantin Grcic ist einer der wichtigsten Designer unserer Zeit. Seine Entwürfe verbinden industrielle Ästhetik mit experimentellen, künstlerischen Elementen, sie sind ernsthaft und funktional, sperrig und teilweise irritierend. Manche von Grcics Designs, etwa der »Chair_One« oder die Leuchte »Mayday« gelten bereits heute als Designklassiker. Mit [...]

Chick Pea – Spring 2014

Chick Pea – Spring 2014 Text auf Englisch € 22,00 85 pages to get excited for the sunny days ahead. Some of the features: fresh tea party, springtime garden prep, eating whole grains, making peace with food, cooking calçots, creating vegan meringue & marshmallows, diy body scrubs, gluten-free cakes our spring book review and more…

Cold North – #1

Cold North – #1 Text auf Englisch € 15,00 Cold North is a magazine seeking to spread the knowledge of creative and skillful people that each in their own way suggests a refreshingly new angle on art, design and craftsmanship. Twice a year we will champion craftsmanship, culture and quirky ideas through crisp photography, interviews, essays [...]

Nomas – #1

Nomas – #1 Text auf Englisch € 23,50 Nomas is a black and white photographic album, enriched with the words and thoughts of great poets, authors and travelers. This periodical is not a city tourist guide. Nor is it a lifestyle magazine. It is a biannual collectible edition published in limited copies that aspires to wander [...]

I Love You – #10

I Love You – #10 Text auf Englisch € 9,00 Crisis – a turning point, crucial or decisive. A change resulting in either improvement or deterioration. A struggle that has reached its pinnacle and needs to be resolved. In all aspects of our society – political, economical, social, and environmental – a crisis is that [...]

The City as a Project

The City as a Project Text auf Englisch € 22,50 The city is often depicted as a sort of self-organizing chaos. This collection of essays, edited by Pier Vittorio Aureli, makes the case for the opposite hypothesis: The city is always the result of political intention, often in the form of specific architectural projects. Cities are [...]

Dogme – #1

Dogme – #1 Text auf Englisch 22,00 € Dogme is dedicated to exploring creative subjects in film, fashion and photography through in-depth conversations and portraits. Issue No.1 features the likes of M. Blash, Linus Bill and So Yong Kim, with contributors like Ola Rindal and Henry Roy. The magazine will be published “irregularly” to focus [...]

The Granny Alphabet

The Granny Alphabet Photographs by Tim Walker Text by Kit Hesketh-Harvey 30,00 € Tim Walker has won a cult following for his flamboyant, lavishly staged and surrealist fashion photography. Now he brings his unique brand of very British fantasia to a subject close to his and all our hearts: grannies. Volume one offers a collection [...]

Little white lies – The Muppets Most Wanted Issue

AA files – Conversations

Vorn – 2014

Michaël Borremans – As sweet as it gets

A magazine curated by – Iris van Herpen

Sleek – #41

Sleek – #41 Text auf Englisch € 10,00 Instead of convenient answers this spring, Sleek offers a set of questions with which to navigate the times, for our era is nothing if not a confusing and fluid one where things are in constant flux and little seems certain any more. What is the future of [...]

Winter – #1

Winter – #1 Text auf Englisch € 12,00 Der Winter ist vorbei. Lang lebe Winter Magazin. Der Schreck des langen Winters 2012/13 saß allen noch tief in den Knochen, als drei Berliner letzten Herbst beschlossen, dem nächsten Winter etwas Schönes zu entlocken. Das Ergebnis ist das Magazin “Winter”, in dem Autoren, Fotografen und Künstler aus aller [...]

von Hundert – #119

von Hundert – #119 Text auf deutsch € 6,00 In dieser Ausgabe: Diana Artus über “Kunst Hassen” von Nicole Zepter, Naomie Grämlich über “Böse Musik” im HKW, Johannes Wilms über “Preview Berlin”, Elke Stefanie Inders über Andy Warhols Erbe, eine Edition von hundert von Olaf Nicolai und vieles vieles mehr.

Dummy – Verlierer

Dummy – Verlierer Text auf Deutsch € 6,00 »Immer versucht. Immer gescheitert. Einerlei. Wieder versuchen. Wieder scheitern. Besser scheitern.« Ganz im Sinne Samuel Becketts haben die Macher von DUMMY ein ganzes Heft dem Verlieren gewidmet. Schließlich ist es ja oft der Umgang mit dem Scheitern und das Meistern von Krisen, die den Menschen entscheidend voranbringen. [...]

Queer Zines

Queer Zines Text auf Englisch € 22,00 The variegated output of zine makers past and present is collected in two volumes, from North America and Europe, listing them alphabetically. Across more than 350 pages are comprehensive bibliographies and synopses for more than 120 zines, excerpted illustrations and writings, reprints of notable articles and a list [...]

Afterall – #35

Afterall – #35 Text auf Englisch € 9,00 Issue 35 examines art’s relationship to its economic context through the work of Olga Chernysheva, Teatro da Vertigem and Tony Chakar. Accompanying essays reflect upon the conditions of circulation and appreciation of art, and its entanglement within the systems of value that it often aims to critique.

GLU – Girls like us – #5

GLU – Girls like us – #5 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € ISSUE 5 of your favorite female-focused journal is featuring a conversation with performance artist boychild, writer Chris Kraus on beer brewing and BDSM, music producer and artist Fatima Al Qadiri on her 1989 haircut, Californian surfers by Eve Fowler & Mariah Garnett, curator [...]

The Fashionable Selby

The Fashionable Selby Text auf Englisch € 30,00 The next installment in the bestselling “Selby” series, Fashionable Selby explores the kaleidoscopic world of fashion, featuring profiles of today’s most interesting designers, stylists, haberdashers, models, shoemakers, and more. The subjects include a mix of the avant-garde, the traditional, the must-haves, and the totally unexpected. Chapters on [...]

Lucky Peach – #10

Lucky Peach – #10 Text auf Englisch € 12,50 Less summary than survey, the Street Food issue of Lucky Peach flits from birria in Mexico City to chicharron-studded tortillas in Buenos Aires, from chaat in Mumbai to gizzard and noodle soup in Bangkok’s Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. For Jonathan Gold, the experience of eating street food [...]

In Graphics #7

In Graphics Text auf Deutsch und Englisch € 14,90 Die siebte Ausgabe von In Graphics hat den ersten Weltkrieg zum Titelthema. Das Heft ist bei uns schon vorzeitig erhältlich!

Gentlewoman – #9

The Gentlewoman – #9 Text auf Englisch € 13,60 It’s Spring/Summer 2014 and change is in the air! For this ninth edition of The Gentlewoman the extraordinary designer Vivienne Westwood leads a cavalcade of audacious and daring women. As one of the pioneering intellectuals of our times, Vivienne has been at the forefront of revolution [...]

Texte zur Kunst – #93

Texte zur Kunst – #93 Spekulation/Speculation Text auf Deutsch und Englisch € 15,00 Die neue Ausgabe von Texte zur Kunst widmet sich dem Thema Spekulation. Es geht um den in der zeitgenössischen Kunst wie Theorie rasant an Popularität gewinnenden Spekulativen Realismus, um die medialen und theoretischen Implikationen von Spekulation im digitalen Finanzkapitalismus, um künstlerisches, literarisches [...]

Jan Verwoert: Cookie!

Jan Verwoert: Cookie! Text auf Englisch € 18,00 Edited by Vivian Sky Rehberg and Marnie Slater. This new volume brings together a selection of Jan Verwoert’s most recent writings. COOKIE! is a sequel to Verwoert’s Tell Me What You Want, What You Really, Really Want, and third in a series of books published with the [...]

Source – #77

Source. The Photographic Review – #77 Text auf Englisch € 9,00 The Photograph Recoded. With Articles by Adrian Li on computerised photo interpretation, by Sue King from the RNIB on tactile photos. New work by Darren Harvey-Regan, Becky Beasley, David Penny. Plus reviews of key photo exhibitions in the UK and Ireland and reviews of the [...]

Maria Pergay. Complete Works 1975-2010

Maria Pergay Complete Works 1957-2010 Text auf Englisch € 62,00 This is the first comprehensive survey of the designer’s work. Edited by connoisseur historians Suzanne Demisch and Stephane Danant of Demisch Danant gallery, this 325-page volume traces the innovations and output of Pergay across time, geography, and materials. Having begun in silver, Pergay is most renowned [...]

The Robotic Touch

The Robotic Touch How Robots Change Architecture Text auf Englisch € 48,00 As the connection between data and building materials grows ever closer, with digital information not just informing plans but actually being used to create the material that will construct a building—robots are necessarily playing a large role in architecture. Yet the use of [...]

NYPH Journal – Winter 2014

Nyph Journal – Winter 2014 Text auf Englisch 10,50 € NYPH Journal is a portal into the vast visual landscape that is contemporary photography. The journal focuses on the remarkable talents of photographers included in the The New York Photo Awards and features those artists alongside commissioned essays and articles from taste-makers in contemporary fine [...]

hole & corner – #2

hole & corner – #2 Text auf Englisch 25,00 € With an exceptionally worthwhile ideology, hole & corner is a publication devoted to the art of craft, of life lived at a slow pace where time is taken to appreciate the beauty of the physical world. Inside each issue you’ll find features on crafts such [...]

Another Magazine – Spring/Summer 2014

Another Magazine – Spring/Summer 2014 Text auf Englisch 15,30 € The 26th issue of Another Magazine, which channels the spirit of fearless youth through its coverstar Mia Wasikowska. The prodigious Australian actress blossoms under Craig McDean’s lens, wearing Commes des Garçons, styled by Olivier Rizzo. Inside, she recounts her remarkable journey from the Australian outback [...]

The Ride Journal – #8

The Ride Journal – #8 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Launched in 2008 The Ride Journal continues its commitment to great design, photography and illustration, not to mention excellent coverage of all things two wheeled. Diprose is also art director of Wired magazine and – as something of a labour of love – The Ride [...]