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CeeCee Berlin

Elephant – #20

Cee Cee Berlin

Cee Cee Berlin Text auf Deutsch und Englisch € 29,90 Cee Cee is Berlin’s most widely read online medium, with now more than 10,000 subscribers, reading Cee Cee every week. Launched as a newsletter for friends in 2011, it covers and comments on the capital’s perpetually changing urban landscape and the multifaceted goings-on in the [...]

Space – #1

Space – #1 Text auf Englisch € 12,00 Space magazine is a new interior and culture biannually that combines frank photography and writing with the universal and sometimes extravagant subject of living. Space magazine creates a new mark for mixing unique interiors and design with great stories. It includes interviews, reportages and portfolios. The debut [...]

N+1 – #20

Vogue Italy – September and Anniversary issue

Vogue US – September Issue

Sophie Taeuber-Arp – Heute ist Morgen

Sophie Taeuber-Arp – Heute ist Morgen Text auf Deutsch 58,00 € Sophie Taeuber-Arp (1889–1943), ein Universaltalent der frühen Avantgarde ist bis heute eine «bekannte Unbekannte». Sie zählt jedoch zu den wichtigsten Schweizer Künstlerinnen des 20. Jahrhunderts. Unglaublich vielfältig begabt, schuf Taeuber-Arp in den Bereichen Design, Malerei, Textilien, Zeichnung, Plastik, Architektur, Tanz und Szenografie ein OEuvre [...]

Pop – Kultur und Kritik – #5

Woman in clothes

Graphic – #30

Fantastic Man – #20

Gentlewoman #10

Oak – #2

Oak – #2 Text auf Englisch € 20,00 In the second issue of Oak you will meet writer Siri Hustvedt, who describes the Norwegian genesis of her linguistic rhythms, as well as singer and rebel Mø, who left her provincial upbringing behind to make the world her stage. You will get close to Chef René [...]

CR Fashion – #5

CR Fashion – #5 € 27,95 Text auf Englisch Beyoncé is posing for the fifth cover story from CR Fashion Book. Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci worked on art direction for the feature where the singer trades in her usual super glamorous looks for more avant-garde ensembles like a long mane that reaches the floor and [...]

Kinfolk – #13

Kinfolk – #13 Text auf Englisch € 16,50 The Autumn 2014 edition of Kinfolk is a celebration of all things imperfect. We’re all guilty of occasionally attempting to make our lives seem a little cleaner or a bit more organized, but the reality is often quite different. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming of an idyllic [...]

W Magazine – September Issue

W Magazine – September 2014 Text auf Englisch 11,10 € The September issue of W magazine describes Rihanna ( on the cover) as “the world’s wildest style icon.” The images were shot by Mert Allas & Marcus Piggott.

Texte zur Kunst – #95

Texte zur Kunst – #95 text auf Deutsch und Englisch € 15,00 Gertrud Koch: Falsche Versöhnung – Für eine begriffliche und praktische Differenzierung von Kunst und Bild, Peter Osborne: „Kunst“ versus „Bild“?, Daniela Hammer-Tugendhat: Machtvergessene Wissenschaft, Über Bilderfragen: Texte zur Kunst befragt Harun Farocki, Digitale Reflexe: Texte zur Kunst befragt Avery Singer und Ed Atkins, Philipp [...]

Anthology – #16

Anthology – #16 Text auf Englisch € 12,50 It`s all relative: The family issue. In the travel feature, a Bay Area artist and designer are followed around their native Buenos Aires. Siblings, parents, and children discuss their kin’s influences on their creative pursuits. Visits are paid to homeowners in Northern California, Southern California, and New [...]

Granta – #128

Granta _ #128 Text auf Englisch € 16,00 The Amerian Wild issue with Martin Amis: Self-Portrait, Anne Carson:Krapp Hour, Diane Cook: The Mast Year, Anthony Doerr: Thing with Feathers that Perches in the Soul, Thomas McGuane: Grandma and Me, Andrew Motion: A Meeting of Minds with Henry David Thoreau, Melinda Moustakis: River So Close, Adam [...]

Log Magazine – #31

Many of them – #3

Artists Cocktails – Ryan Gander

Dries van Noten

Aperture – #216 fashion issue


Autocenter Berlin

Autocenter Berlin Text auf Deutsch und Englisch 39,90 € 13 Jahre Autocenter! Seit 13 Jahren prägt das Autocenter die zeitgenössische Kunstszene Berlins. 2001 von Maik Schierloh und Joep van Liefland in einer ehemaligen Autolackiererei in Berlin-Friedrichshain gegründet, hat sich das Autocenter fest etabliert und ist als einer der wichtigsten Ausstellungsorte der Stadt nicht mehr wegzudenken. [...]

Love Magazine – Herbst/Winter 2014

Julia Stoschek Collection: High Performance

Julia Stoschek Collection High Performance. Time-Based Media Art since 1996 Text auf Deutsch und Englisch € 34,90 With more than 50 video key-works taken from the topical areas of „Body and Soul“, „Public Space“, „Environment“ and „Virtual Reality“ of the Julia Stoschek Collection, this publication offers a profound insight into the latest developments in the field [...]

Harun Farocki, Diagrams

Harun Farocki, Diagrams Text auf Englisch € 48,00 This publication attempts to map a visual approach to one of the world’s foremost documentary and essay filmmakers, Harun Farocki. “Diagrams” traces the dynamics of ten of Farocki’s films and presents them along with each film’s complete commentaries, dialogues and subtitles, celebrating their major critical gesture: the exposition [...]

Openhouse – #1

Openhouse – #1 Text auf Englisch € 18,00 Openhouse Magazine is a biannual publication that looks to bright, creative people from around the world who open the doors of their private spaces to the public. In the current issue, the magazine makers talk about their own space, Openhouse in Barcelona. Further featured visits are to [...]

Odiseo – #4

Odiseo – #4 text auf Englisch € 12,00 Volume 4 revolves around the loose topic of value, which is explored from different angles by Philippa Snow, Marta Jankovska and Eugenia Lapteva. It also includes photo essays by Jonathan Schofield, Olya Oleinic and Alex Franco, sitting alongside a review of Allen Jones’ controversial and unwilling contribution [...]

Wax Magazine – #5

Wax Magazine – #5 Text auf Englisch € 20,00 Featuring profiles of Cory Arcangel with Hans Ulrich Obrist, John Houck with Chris Wiley, Alek Parker with Aeriel Brown, Xavier Cha with Carmen Winant, and Trip Patterson with Mariah Ernst. A 24-Hour Art Project with Michael Bell-Smith, Lucas Blalock, Skyler Brickley, Ethan Greenbaum, Fabienne Hess, David [...]

Paris Review – #209

Paris Review – #209 Text auf Englisch € 17,00 Interviews with Joy Williams and Henri Cole, Fiction by Zadie Smith, Ottessa Moshfegh, and Garth Greenwell and a portfolio by Raymond Pettibon.

Monocle Mediterraneo – Summer 2014

Monocle Mediterraneo – Summer 2014 Text auf Englisch 6,00 € Monocle release their fifth Summer Mediterraneo newspaper, their season specific guide to life in the sunshine. This latest issue features the best architecture from around the med, Florence menswear, a day in the life of the Palma de Mallorca marina, 10 old school brands ready for a [...]

Room Service

Room Service Text auf Deutsch und Englisch € 42,00 Catalogue of the exhibition at Staatliche Kunsthalle Baden-Baden. A curated route through the city explores the mythology of the hotel. Sitespecific works, often with a performative element, can be found in countless well-known hotels including Brenner’s Park Hotel. Christian Jankowski, Florian Slotawa, Cindy Sherman, and others [...]

Das Auge des Arbeiters

Das Auge des Arbeiters. Arbeiterfotografie und Kunst um 1930 Text auf Deutsch € 34,00 Im Aufbruch der Medienmoderne hielten Arbeiter in den 1920er Jahren erstmals ihr beengtes Lebensumfeld, den Kampf der Arbeiterbewegung sowie die bewusste Theatralität des Alltags fest. In einem dreijährigen DFG-Projekt am Institut für Sächsische Geschichte und Volkskunde wurden über 5.000 Fotografien in [...]

Cercle – #2

Cercle – #2 Text auf Französisch € 18,00 “Cercle Magazine has been founded by Marlène Astrié, Marie Secher and Maxime Pintadu, three graphic designers and illustrato”rs working under the name Cercle Studio, in september 2011. The idea of creating a paper magazine today as the digital era had exploded the press codes was one of the [...]

Sleek – #42

Sleek – #42 Text auf Englisch € 10,00 Fun and games are what is examined through art and fashion in this issue of Sleek: it is considered what influence do computer games have in contemporary art, how game theory works in fashion design, how toys and dolls in art can express something of the uncanny [...]