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Massive Expressive Sculptural – Brutalism Now and Then

Massive Expressive Sculptural – Brutalism Now and Then € 44,- Massive, Expressive, Sculptural – Brutalism: Now and Then, is a conveniently thick volume, wrapped in a clear-cut hard-back cover, in accordance with what we’re going to be dealing with inside. The rise and quick fall of brutalist architecture within the span of two decades (1960s [...]

Architecture and Human Rights

Architecture and Human Rights € 39,90 “In a just world this book would not be written…” True, calling for a new approach to urbanization and design, Architecture and Human Rights by Tiziana Panizza Kassahun urges architects and city developers to take a more socially responsible positions in the making of cities. In order to face [...]

El Croquis #194

El Croquis #194 € 62,- EL Croquis issue 194 is in circulation! One of the top architecture magazines, this edition covers selected works by German architect Arno Brandlhuber and his Berlin based office Brandlhuber +. Featuring an essay by Bart Lootsma where he presents the architect’s fundamental operational concepts, and another by Moritz Künz who [...]

Responding to Particular Needs at a Precise Moment

Responding to Particular Needs at a Precise Moment € 16,- Responding to Particular Needs at a Precise Moment is the visual interpretation of a research by Jonas von Lenthe into the architectural landscape of Tirana. With rudimentary photos which Lenthe personally took, archive material and interviews with local architects this book shows how architecture developed [...]

Super Design

Super Design – Italian Radical Design 1965 – 1975 € 55,- It was the moment ‘design wanted to change the world’. The Radical Design movement rose from the students’ utter rejection of the tediously conventional design and architectural activity of the time, and the blazing desire to influence politics and society. This book revives the [...]

Apartamento Issue #21

Apartamento Issue #21 € 15,- Fresh in store: Apartamento Issue #21, featuring American artist Henry Taylor on the cover, shot by Ana Kraš. Inside you’ll find Nicolas Party, Juan Grimm, Peter McGough, Katie Stout, Pierre Le-Tan, Lapo Binazzi, Mr Portsmouth, Hong Seung-Hye, Duggie Fields, Sabine Marcelis, Danny Bowien, Endless set of possibilities, Henry Taylor, Peter [...]

PIN–UP #24

PIN–UP #24 € 20,- PIN–UP is a unique biannual publication specializing in „architectural entertainment.” The Spring Summer issue’s theme is “Mental” and includes 24 page design portfolio showcasing furniture made by artists, architects, and designers, a variety of exciting articles about designing sex video games, the use of architecture as art and the imagining of [...]

Spaces of Uncertainty

Spaces of Uncertainty – Berlin Revisited € 39,95 Edited by Kenny Cupers and Markus Miessen, Spaces of Uncertainty (all texts in german) critically examines the urban development trajectory which Berlin took after the fall of the wall. The contributors in this book demonstrate how the city’s urban transformations since then didn’t effectively succeed in removing [...]

Building Material #20

Building Material #20 € 10,- Building Material is the journal of the Architectural Association of Ireland, a unique peer-reviewed publication on the scholarship and practice of architecture in Ireland. Being the first edition to employ a process of double-blind peer reviewing for the submitted essays, the journal’s editorial board led by Michael K. Hayes, used [...]

Real Review #6

Real Review #6 € 12,- Real Review urges the reader to think what it means to be alive today. Created and edited by Jack Self, this curiously shaped piece is dedicated to the subject Just-in-Time, which is a relevantly recent production-strategy first developed by Toyota in the 1980s. The aim of Just-in-Time is to replace [...]

Theorie der Architektur

AA Files #75

do you read me?! Archive Sale @ Lostweekend, München

Eigentlich ist es gegen die Vernunft wenn man sich als Magazinhändler nicht von alten Ausgaben trennen kann, aber dieser Unvernunft verdanken wir es nun, dass wir von unseren Münchner Freunden vom Lost Weekend eingeladen wurden eine Art temporäres Archiv einzurichten und Euch bietet sich die einmalige Gelegenheit Magazine aus den letzten 10 Jahren vergünstigt zu [...]

gta Papers #1

SOS Brutalism

Cereal #14

Brownbook #62

Spring Cleaning…

MacGuffin #4

Cereal #13

The Designer’s Subscription

Bloom #23

Migrant Journal #1

Migrant Journal #1 Text in English 20,00 Euro There is that type of publication that seems to be timeless and contemporary at the same time, blurring the lines between journal and book. Asking the relevant questions without feeding into the easy consumption of contemporary ‚trends‘, ‚turns‘, ‚shifts‘ or so called paradigms is a tough task [...]

Harvard Design Magazine # 43 – Shelf Life

Harvard Design Magazine # 43 – Shelf Life Text in English 16,00 Euro #43 of Harvard Design – titled Shelf Life – is ‘an investigation of contents, containers and systems of storage that organize our world’. Already in the editorial letter the oozing wound of contemporary capitalism is being poked into: ‚How does all this [...]


House Is A House Is A House Is A House

Making Heimat.

PIN–UP #20

PIN–UP #20 Spring Summer 2016 Text auf Englisch € 20,00 Pin-Up’s 20th issue, themed Garden Variety, comes with a splendid 16-page portfolio by photographer Philippe Jarrigeon honoring the famed Marqueyssac Gardens in Vézac, France; Japanese architect Junya Ishigami’s beautiful faux-naïf garden drawings; June 14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff’s ode to the grid in landscape design; art [...]

Mac Guffin #2

Too Much #6

Lives of the Artists, Lives of the Architects

Italo Modern 1

Clog #13

032c #28

Exhibiting Architecture

Exhibiting Architecture Place and Discplacement Text auf Englisch € 40,00

Chandigarh Redux

Chandigarh Redux – Photographs by Werner Feiersinger Text auf Englisch 48 € With the keen eye of a sculptor, Werner Feiersinger shows the expressive sculptural qualities of the buildings in some 300 pictures. He captures the place’s vivid atmosphere and virtuosity and illustrates its continuous topicality. This artistic approach clearly distinguishes this book from previous [...]

PIN-UP #17

PIN-UP #17 Text auf Englisch € 20,00 PIN-UP, ein Magazin, welches anspruchsvolle Architektur- und einfache Unterhaltungsthemen in sich vereint, stellt die „Normalität und ihre Erhabenheit“ in den Mittelpunkt seiner 17. Ausgabe: Neben Video Stills aus Wolfgang Tillmans „Book for Architects“, beinhaltet es ein tiefgründiges Interview mit den Architekten Sou Fujimoto und Mario Botta, eine ironische [...]

Wohnkomplex – Niklas Maak

Wohnkomplex. Warum wir andere Häuser brauchen.– Niklas MaakText auf Deutsch€ 21,90

Alvar Aalto – Second Nature

Alvar Aalto – Second Nature Text auf Deutsch oder Englisch 69,90 € »Alvar Aalto – Second Nature« ist der gleichnamige Katalog zur aktuellen Ausstellung des Vitra Design Museums, die noch bis März 2015 in Weil am Rhein gezeigt wird. Die reich illustrierte Publikation liefert seit vielen Jahren erstmals wieder einen umfangreichen und aktuellen Überblick über [...]

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