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NICE #2 € 28,- NICE Magazine turns the spotlight on areas of fashion which are not the most familiar to a European audience: stories about talents in contemporary urban Africa. Published by KLAYM which runs workshops across the African continent on photography, graphic and media design workshops, NICE is a rare title, that intends to [...]

Cura #27

Cura #27 € 9,- This is the printed extension of CURA. the forceful made-in-Rome editorial and curatorial platform which also consists of a publishing house and an exhibition program. Through the works of the likes of George Henry Longly, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Eleanor Antin, Ellen Blumenstein and Lou Dallas, CURA’s twenty seventh issue draws an [...]

The Serving Library Annual

The Serving Library Annual € 30,- The inaugural edition of The Serving Library Annual from Roma Publications takes on from where its predecessor DOT DOT DOT Magazine had left off back in 2001. With a wide range of stories told in the first person narrative, the Serving Library should come in handy for an international [...]

OOF #1

do you read me?! Archive Sale @ Lostweekend, München

Eigentlich ist es gegen die Vernunft wenn man sich als Magazinhändler nicht von alten Ausgaben trennen kann, aber dieser Unvernunft verdanken wir es nun, dass wir von unseren Münchner Freunden vom Lost Weekend eingeladen wurden eine Art temporäres Archiv einzurichten und Euch bietet sich die einmalige Gelegenheit Magazine aus den letzten 10 Jahren vergünstigt zu [...]

Museum der Obsessionen – Herald Szeemann

Polpettas On Paper #4

Brownbook #67

Foam – Back to the Future #49

How Institutions Think

Mushpit #10

Augmented Photography

Hero #18

Novembre x Ecal

Pasolini´s Bodies and Places

Claudy Jongstra

Karel Martens – Motion

Openhouse #8


Protocol #9

Shoplifters #6

Opera #6

Badland #1

032c #33 — Winter 2017/18

The Artist as Curator: An Anthology

Space Magazine #5

Spring Cleaning…

Foam #47 / Kunstforum #246

MacGuffin #4

Cereal #13

Elephant #30

Happy International Women’s Day!

Bloom #23


Exotism #1

F.R.David #13 – Inverted Commas

E.R.O.S. #8 Self/Love

E.R.O.S. #8 – Self/Love Text in English 12,00 Euro We’re very much in love with E.R.O.S.’ latest publication SELF/LOVE. This collection of short stories, poetry and experimental writing by Tim Etchells, Naomi Segal, Adrian Rifkin and many more revolves around the troubles and beauties of love, lust, longing and libido. A beautifully made, emphatic book [...]

Pop #36

Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artisans

Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artisans Text in English 30,00 Euro Pottery and ceramics is enjoying a market renaissance, as part of an urge of ‚slow‘ or more ‚authentic’ living within the 21st century landscape. Objects made by hand, the imperfect, the unique is what our generation is craving for. The hand crafted ceramic bowl, the clay [...]

299 792 458 m/s – The American Issue

299 792 458 m/s – The American Issue Text in English 24,80 Euro #1 of the eclectically christened 299 792 458 m/s (turns out the number represents he vacuum speed of light) is truly a must-have for every fashion-afficionado. The eponymous „American Issue“ is reflected in the stunning and highly contemporary editorials shot by a [...]