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More than Real #2

More than Real #2 – Art in the Digital Age € 14,80 More than real, art in the digital world is released in occasion of the Verbier Art Summit 2018 (“an event grouping innovative thinkers in a beautiful, intimate -almost hidden- site for meaningful dialogues.”) Put together by Michelle Kuo, head of painting and sculpture [...]

Hello World

Hello World – Revising a Collection € 59,- Five Museums in Berlin are represented by the Nationalgalerie, an institution dating back to 1861: The Alte Nationalgalerie, the Neue Nationalgalerie, the Museum Berggruen, the Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg and the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart. The collected artworks in these museums are currently under scrutiny in an [...]

I fuck with Turrell

I fuck with Turrell – Ne travaillez jamais € 15,- In 2011 the BBB Vocational School in Baden initiated an art department dedicated for students who are training to become polymechanics, computer scientists, electronics technicians, chefs or hairdressers. The purpose is to allow them to experiment with new aesthetic opportunities through engaging with artists and [...]

Design as an Attitude

Design as an Attitude – Alice Rawsthorn € 20,- Design As An Attitude explores the power of design in creating a better world. Inspired by the last few years intense economic, political and ecological vulnerabilities, New York Times and Frieze magazine columnist Alice Rawsthorn assembles narrative essays to chart the different aspects of contemporary design. [...]

Entkunstung #1

Entkunstung – Yearbook #1 € 28,- The 1980s, a decade of decadence, innovation and social movements. The repercussions of which are felt today. In the UK and the US Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan respectively buckled down on redrafting neo-liberal economic policies, while the Soviet Union was brewing its own demise toward the fall of [...]

Plan and Play, Play and Plan

Plan and Play, Play and Plan – Defining your art practice € 22,- What does it take for an emerging artist or designer or other sorts of creative independents to become who they are? What are the questions, traits, ambitions and restrictions that determine this? And how can they successfully guide their way through artistic [...]

A formal Film in Nine Episodes

A formal Film in Nine Episodes € 49,- Grandmother India and Markus Weisbeck/Surface release ‘A Formal Film in Nine Episodes’ by artist Mario Pfeifer. It’s part of Pfeifer’s film project of the same name. A critical reader publication, the ensemble of the book describes the contemporary Asian Metropolis from anthropological perspectives on the Greater Mumbai. [...]

Zweikommasieben #17

Zweikommasieben #17 € 13,- Through artists interviews, essays, columns and photography, all of which about music and rhythm, swiss title Zweikommasieben is helping document the contemporary music scene. This 17th issue is framed by the sense of being trapped between the past and the future and the continuous drifting of reality toward the one or [...]

Aperture Conversations

Aperture Conversations € 32,- Here’s a meticulous compilation of some historically invaluable dialogues made between photographers, writer, critics, curators, editors, and artists from 1985 to the present day. Released by Aperture, the New York based photography quarterly journal, these dialogues are collected from previous publications of the journal, based on their originality and historical merit. [...]

South #10

South – As State of Mind #10 € 29,90 Back in 2015 during the 14th edition of documenta, South – as a State of Mind was endorsed as the festival’s printed publication. Conceived as a space of resistance rather than of confirmation, the journal itself endorses “the south”, as a notion beyond geographical terms. It [...]

10th Berlin Biennale Catalogue

10th Berlin Biennale Catalogue – We Don’t Need Another Hero – 2018 € 29,90 This month Berlin hosts one of the most anticipated events of the year: The Biennale for Contemporary Art. Spread across five venues, this year’s thematic focus is encapsulated in one printed catalogue. Some of the raised questions touch upon how do [...]


NICE #2 € 28,- NICE Magazine turns the spotlight on areas of fashion which are not the most familiar to a European audience: stories about talents in contemporary urban Africa. Published by KLAYM which runs workshops across the African continent on photography, graphic and media design workshops, NICE is a rare title, that intends to [...]

Cura #27

Cura #27 € 9,- This is the printed extension of CURA. the forceful made-in-Rome editorial and curatorial platform which also consists of a publishing house and an exhibition program. Through the works of the likes of George Henry Longly, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Eleanor Antin, Ellen Blumenstein and Lou Dallas, CURA’s twenty seventh issue draws an [...]

The Serving Library Annual

The Serving Library Annual € 30,- The inaugural edition of The Serving Library Annual from Roma Publications takes on from where its predecessor DOT DOT DOT Magazine had left off back in 2001. With a wide range of stories told in the first person narrative, the Serving Library should come in handy for an international [...]

OOF #1

do you read me?! Archive Sale @ Lostweekend, München

Eigentlich ist es gegen die Vernunft wenn man sich als Magazinhändler nicht von alten Ausgaben trennen kann, aber dieser Unvernunft verdanken wir es nun, dass wir von unseren Münchner Freunden vom Lost Weekend eingeladen wurden eine Art temporäres Archiv einzurichten und Euch bietet sich die einmalige Gelegenheit Magazine aus den letzten 10 Jahren vergünstigt zu [...]

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