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Berlin Fashion Week Special – Vogue

“VOGUE is a very specific world. You are Vogue, or not Vogue.” No better time to be ‘vogue’ than during Fashion Week with a supply of international VOGUE titles. do you read me?! offers Vogue DE, FR, IT, UK, USA, ES as well as RU and JPN, Vogue Runway, L’Uomo Vogue and Teen Vogue. En [...]

Berlin Fashion Week Special – Patterns, Fabrics and Materials

What’s Fashion without the magic of PATTERNS, FABRICS and MATERIALS? Get inspired with our selection of books diving into the infinite world of patterns, materials and their creators. OTHERWORLDLY looks at the extraordinary in fashion (in the literal sense) and gives us a glimpse into the trends and evolutions of mechanized materials, mutant make-up or [...]

Berlin Fashion Week Special – Classics

Alle Jahre wieder…! do you read me?! will accompany BERLIN FASHION WEEK with a special guide for fashion-magazine lovers, theorists, tourists, trendsetters and of course anyone else. Our Fashion Week Special starts off with the recommendation of our shop’s fashion magazine classics: PURPLE MAGAZINE, FANTASTIC MAN, THE GENTLEWOMAN and 032.c. Why? Because they’re individually unique, [...]

Novembre #10

Tunica #5


Cabana #5

Yokainoshima – Island of Monsters

Modern Matter #10

Quantified Selves and Statistic Bodies

Parterre de Rois #04

Die Epilog #05

A Magazine curated by #15

PIN–UP #20

PIN–UP #20 Spring Summer 2016 Text auf Englisch € 20,00 Pin-Up’s 20th issue, themed Garden Variety, comes with a splendid 16-page portfolio by photographer Philippe Jarrigeon honoring the famed Marqueyssac Gardens in Vézac, France; Japanese architect Junya Ishigami’s beautiful faux-naïf garden drawings; June 14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff’s ode to the grid in landscape design; art [...]

The Travel Almanac #10

The Travel Almanac #10 Text auf Englisch € 18,00

King Kong #1

Ordinary # 1

Ordinary # 1 kein Text € 15,00

Hole & Corner #8

Hole & Corner #8 Text auf Englisch € 14,00

Marfa Journal #5

Marfa Journal #5 Text auf Englisch € 25,00

Shukyu #2

Shukyu #2 Text auf Japanisch/Englisch € 13,00

Perdiz #6

Perdiz #6 Text auf Englisch / Spanisch € 16,00

Destino #1

Destino #1 Text auf Englisch € 12,95

Here & There #12

Here & There #12 Text auf Englisch/Japanisch € 17,00

Benji Knewman #3

Lapham’s Quaterly Vol.9 #1

E.R.O.S. #7

Apology #4

Metahaven – Black Transparency


Avaunt #2

Holiday #376

apartamento #16

Marfa Journal #4

The Kinfolk Home

Fantastic Man – The Book

The Happy Reader #4

Too Much #6

Fantastic Man #22

Fantastic Man #22 – Autumn/Winter 2015 Text in Englisch 8,50 € For everyone who does not know it yet: Fantastic Man comes from the Netherlands, what they are proudly showing with a photographic editorial of Jamie Hawkesworth. Tinted in nostalgia he pictures flat landscapes and the tranquility of small towns and suburbs. This issue features [...]

Cereal – #10

Holy Bible