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Design as an Attitude

Design as an Attitude – Alice Rawsthorn € 20,- Design As An Attitude explores the power of design in creating a better world. Inspired by the last few years intense economic, political and ecological vulnerabilities, New York Times and Frieze magazine columnist Alice Rawsthorn assembles narrative essays to chart the different aspects of contemporary design. [...]

New Wave Clay

New Wave Clay € 32,- New Wave Clay exhibits the exemplary work of 55 active creatives from around the globe who are leading a revival movement of the ceramic industry. Flitting between conversations and essays, it also comprises four thematic sections: Joy, which is about the ceramics that excite the eye with their vibrant colours [...]

Beyond the New

Beyond the New – On the Agency of Things € 40,- This fruitful collaboration between theorist Louise Schouwenberg and designer Hella Jongerius follows an invitation by Die Neue Sammlung in Munich for the set up of an exhibition reflecting the museum’s rich, and world’s oldest archive of design. This book which accompanies the exhibition explores [...]

Backstage Talks #3

Backstage Talks #3 € 14,- Published by ByDesign Conference in Bratislava, Slovakia, Backstage Talks celebrates dialogue within the design community about “the big questions”. Frank, critical and engaging this magazine is an essential supplement to the everyday small talk conversations among design practitioners which tend to be more about lifestyles or the practical concerns of [...]

Slanted #31

Slanted #31 € 18,- The 31st issue of Slanted is available now. This Tokyo special edition conducts an investigation into the typography and graphic design scene of the Japanese capital featuring a tidy, varied selection of illustrations, interviews and essays. It introduces the work of brilliant creatives like &Form, Shin Akiyama, Tatsuya Ariyama, Dainippon Type [...]

Sindroms #2

Sindroms – Yellow #2 € 23,- Against the backdrop of Scandinavia’s dark seasons, Syndromes shines a bright, yellow light in search for poetically narrated stories, anecdotal notes and striking images. Compared to the previous issue which paid tribute to the color red and the love, the passion, the violence, the risk and the fury we [...]

Aperture Conversations

Aperture Conversations € 32,- Here’s a meticulous compilation of some historically invaluable dialogues made between photographers, writer, critics, curators, editors, and artists from 1985 to the present day. Released by Aperture, the New York based photography quarterly journal, these dialogues are collected from previous publications of the journal, based on their originality and historical merit. [...]

The future starts here

The future starts here € 29,- How would the future possibly look like? Especially in a world where things seem to be heading somewhere where design is playing a very important role in shaping such future! Touching upon issues like DNA analysis, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and space exploration, The Future Starts Here explores cutting [...]

The Politics of Design

The Politics of Design € 17,- Typography, colour preferences, photography, symbols and information graphics are essentially the products of specific political and social contexts. And that’s what the Politics of Design examines. In other words, it’s about the different cultural fabrics of human interaction which produce the ideas, shapes and colors of design activities. By [...]

Super Design

Super Design – Italian Radical Design 1965 – 1975 € 55,- It was the moment ‘design wanted to change the world’. The Radical Design movement rose from the students’ utter rejection of the tediously conventional design and architectural activity of the time, and the blazing desire to influence politics and society. This book revives the [...]

What I’ve learned

What I’ve learned € 30,- An advice taken from an artist approaching the twilight of their career is more treasured than one from someone still at the beginning. The former is usually more prone to self-examination and to beingmore open about the blunders they could have avoided, instead of only focusing on the bright side [...]

Harvard Design #45

Harvard Design #45 € 16,- In the design world, forests are usually seen as a building site, an obstacle or as a resource for the realisation of a given project. But forests are more than that, they are first the vital component in a complex ecosystem that is desperately struggling to survive. In part, this [...]

Space Magazine #7

Space Magazine #7 € 12,- The biannual Space magazine which explores interior and cultural spaces, mixes articles and interviews with candid photography and displays of the occasionally extravagant concerns of living. Taking inspiration from the B-sides of records which sometimes include bonus tracks complementing an artist’s hit single, this seventh issue draws connections between the [...]

Apartamento Issue #21

Apartamento Issue #21 € 15,- Fresh in store: Apartamento Issue #21, featuring American artist Henry Taylor on the cover, shot by Ana Kraš. Inside you’ll find Nicolas Party, Juan Grimm, Peter McGough, Katie Stout, Pierre Le-Tan, Lapo Binazzi, Mr Portsmouth, Hong Seung-Hye, Duggie Fields, Sabine Marcelis, Danny Bowien, Endless set of possibilities, Henry Taylor, Peter [...]

PIN–UP #24

PIN–UP #24 € 20,- PIN–UP is a unique biannual publication specializing in „architectural entertainment.” The Spring Summer issue’s theme is “Mental” and includes 24 page design portfolio showcasing furniture made by artists, architects, and designers, a variety of exciting articles about designing sex video games, the use of architecture as art and the imagining of [...]


NICE #2 € 28,- NICE Magazine turns the spotlight on areas of fashion which are not the most familiar to a European audience: stories about talents in contemporary urban Africa. Published by KLAYM which runs workshops across the African continent on photography, graphic and media design workshops, NICE is a rare title, that intends to [...]

Making Sense

Making Sense – 10 years of Research in Art and Design € 22,- On the occasion of ten years since moving its premises to Renens, Switzerland and since the creation of EPFL+ECAL Lab Institution to foster innovation in technology, design and architecture, the University of Art and Design Lausanne releases Making Sense – 10 years [...]

The Plant #12

The Plant #12 € 15,- Right in time for the sunny weather – the new issue of The Plant magazine arrived.

Radical Matter

Radical Matter – Rethinking materials for a sustainable world € 38,- Radical Matter is an essential introduction for professionals and students to the latest cutting-edge design ideas which are on their way to shape not just the future of design, but the entire ‘design-make-consume’ chain. Unlike similar publications which would either focus on the materials [...]

The Sausage of the Future

The Sausage of the Future € 28,- The future of sausage is at stake. The rise of vegetarianism and veganism signals the retreat of meat production, putting sausages in an existential crisis. The Sausage of the Future is perfectly aware of the environmental pressure caused by meat production and tries to think of alternative ways [...]

Octavo Redux 1:1

The Weekender #28

do you read me?! Archive Sale @ Lostweekend, München

Eigentlich ist es gegen die Vernunft wenn man sich als Magazinhändler nicht von alten Ausgaben trennen kann, aber dieser Unvernunft verdanken wir es nun, dass wir von unseren Münchner Freunden vom Lost Weekend eingeladen wurden eine Art temporäres Archiv einzurichten und Euch bietet sich die einmalige Gelegenheit Magazine aus den letzten 10 Jahren vergünstigt zu [...]

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