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Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artisans

Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artisans Text in English 30,00 Euro Pottery and ceramics is enjoying a market renaissance, as part of an urge of ‚slow‘ or more ‚authentic’ living within the 21st century landscape. Objects made by hand, the imperfect, the unique is what our generation is craving for. The hand crafted ceramic bowl, the clay [...]

Migrant Journal #1

Migrant Journal #1 Text in English 20,00 Euro There is that type of publication that seems to be timeless and contemporary at the same time, blurring the lines between journal and book. Asking the relevant questions without feeding into the easy consumption of contemporary ‚trends‘, ‚turns‘, ‚shifts‘ or so called paradigms is a tough task [...]

Harvard Design Magazine # 43 – Shelf Life

Harvard Design Magazine # 43 – Shelf Life Text in English 16,00 Euro #43 of Harvard Design – titled Shelf Life – is ‘an investigation of contents, containers and systems of storage that organize our world’. Already in the editorial letter the oozing wound of contemporary capitalism is being poked into: ‚How does all this [...]

Berlin Fashion Week Special – Patterns, Fabrics and Materials

What’s Fashion without the magic of PATTERNS, FABRICS and MATERIALS? Get inspired with our selection of books diving into the infinite world of patterns, materials and their creators. OTHERWORLDLY looks at the extraordinary in fashion (in the literal sense) and gives us a glimpse into the trends and evolutions of mechanized materials, mutant make-up or [...]

Watercolours by Finn Juhl

The Kitchen – Studio Olafur Eliasson


Cabana #5

mono.kultur #40

A Magazine curated by #15

PIN–UP #20

PIN–UP #20 Spring Summer 2016 Text auf Englisch € 20,00 Pin-Up’s 20th issue, themed Garden Variety, comes with a splendid 16-page portfolio by photographer Philippe Jarrigeon honoring the famed Marqueyssac Gardens in Vézac, France; Japanese architect Junya Ishigami’s beautiful faux-naïf garden drawings; June 14 Meyer-Grohbrügge & Chermayeff’s ode to the grid in landscape design; art [...]

Ordinary # 1

Ordinary # 1 kein Text € 15,00

Hole & Corner #8

Hole & Corner #8 Text auf Englisch € 14,00

Library Paper #6

Library Paper #6 -The New Text auf Japanisch € 11,00


E.R.O.S. #7

Mac Guffin #2

Dirty Furniture #2

Metahaven – Black Transparency

Kinfolk #18

Cabana #4

apartamento #16

The Kinfolk Home

Cereal – #10

Oak #4

Brownbook #52

Print Isn’t Dead #003

Design Diversity

Design Diversity – Produktkultur abseits von Beige, Best und Gold Text auf Deutsch € 24,00 „Design Diversity“ widmet sich der Frage, inwieweit Design als Disziplin das heutige Bild des Alterns mitgestaltet. Dabei wird untersucht, ob individueller „Stil“ durch stigmatisierende Produkte gestört und somit „das Altern durch Kultur“ gefördert wird.

apartamento #15

apartamento #15 Text auf Englisch € 12,00

Not today 5/6

Not today 5/6 Text auf Englisch € 16,50 Waving goodbye to the slowly built-up past, the 5th NOT TODAY has launched. Mixing with design items, artworks and daily use products, we see perspectives of life in OBJECTS; There were 2 visits in New York for INTERVIEWS. THE PLAYLIST chosen by artist Yu-Chen Chou. For A [...]

Milk Decoration #11

Milk Decoration #11 März/April/Mai 2015 Text auf Französisch 7,20 €

Offscreen #10

The Complete Designers Lights #2

The Complete Designers Lights #2Expanded and revised editionText auf Englisch€ 70,00

Dirty Furniture #1

Dirty Furniture1/6 CouchText auf Englisch€15,00

Alvar Aalto – Second Nature

Alvar Aalto – Second Nature Text auf Deutsch oder Englisch 69,90 € »Alvar Aalto – Second Nature« ist der gleichnamige Katalog zur aktuellen Ausstellung des Vitra Design Museums, die noch bis März 2015 in Weil am Rhein gezeigt wird. Die reich illustrierte Publikation liefert seit vielen Jahren erstmals wieder einen umfangreichen und aktuellen Überblick über [...]

IdN v21n4: Pattern Special

Elephant – #20

Space – #1

Space – #1 Text auf Englisch € 12,00 Space magazine is a new interior and culture biannually that combines frank photography and writing with the universal and sometimes extravagant subject of living. Space magazine creates a new mark for mixing unique interiors and design with great stories. It includes interviews, reportages and portfolios. The debut [...]

Oak – #2

Oak – #2 Text auf Englisch € 20,00 In the second issue of Oak you will meet writer Siri Hustvedt, who describes the Norwegian genesis of her linguistic rhythms, as well as singer and rebel Mø, who left her provincial upbringing behind to make the world her stage. You will get close to Chef René [...]

Kinfolk – #13

Kinfolk – #13 Text auf Englisch € 16,50 The Autumn 2014 edition of Kinfolk is a celebration of all things imperfect. We’re all guilty of occasionally attempting to make our lives seem a little cleaner or a bit more organized, but the reality is often quite different. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming of an idyllic [...]