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C-heads #35

C-heads- Magical Places #35 € 19,- C-heads Volume #35 is out and in the stocks. This issue is themed around places, ‘the magical places, the ones we come from, the ones we have been to, the ones we dream of and the ones still ahead of us.’ Essentially adorned with female model photography, there’s an [...]

E.R.O.S. #8 Self/Love

E.R.O.S. #8 – Self/Love Text in English 12,00 Euro We’re very much in love with E.R.O.S.’ latest publication SELF/LOVE. This collection of short stories, poetry and experimental writing by Tim Etchells, Naomi Segal, Adrian Rifkin and many more revolves around the troubles and beauties of love, lust, longing and libido. A beautifully made, emphatic book [...]

C-Heads Special Edition Issue #34

c-heads magazine #34 Text in English 25,00 Euro Happy Birthday c-heads Magazine! To celebrate their 10th anniversary, the Vienna/Berlin based magazine has again come up with a very sexy, aesthetically pleasing limited issue full of naked skin, see-through shirts, shaved legs and even kittens! This issue called „a story not yet written“ brings together the [...]

Boys by Girls #10

Morena #3

Odiseo #5

Mirage #4

Mirage – Fashion. Swimwear and Jetset Hedonism, #4 Text auf Englisch € 20,00 Der Untertitel der 4. Mirage Ausgabe “Fashion. Swimwear and Jetset Hedonism” ist zu bescheiden für Frank Rocholls und Henrik Puriennes 400 Seiten starke Hommage an die 60er/70er Jahre. Neben der Kombination aus erotischem Fashionmagazin und starken Texten, fasziniert das Spiel mit vergangenen, [...]

Odiseo – #4

Odiseo – #4 text auf Englisch € 12,00 Volume 4 revolves around the loose topic of value, which is explored from different angles by Philippa Snow, Marta Jankovska and Eugenia Lapteva. It also includes photo essays by Jonathan Schofield, Olya Oleinic and Alex Franco, sitting alongside a review of Allen Jones’ controversial and unwilling contribution [...]

Irène – #5

Irène – #5 Text auf Englisch € 15,00 Erotic Fanzine transcends trashy images commonly associated with nudity by showcasing sexual content that is refined and artistic. The publication aims to “revive some forgotten values of eroticism” through a myriad of media — from photography, poetry, and more — that expel the misconceptions of those against [...]

S Magazine – #15

S Magazine – #15 Text auf Englisch € 23,50 Featuring Joséphine de La Baume, Edward Leida, Sagmeister & Walsh, Asger & Troels Carlsen, Hunters, Sebastian Black, Iban Akerlie and Jørgen Leth.

Queer Zines

Queer Zines Text auf Englisch € 22,00 The variegated output of zine makers past and present is collected in two volumes, from North America and Europe, listing them alphabetically. Across more than 350 pages are comprehensive bibliographies and synopses for more than 120 zines, excerpted illustrations and writings, reprints of notable articles and a list [...]

A Study in Fetishisms Manifesto – #1

A Study in Fetishisms Manifesto – #1 Text auf Englisch € 14,00 Inspired by the under the counter nudie-mags of the 1950s, Fetishisms Manifesto is a unique bi-annual erotic publication. Featuring photographs of Emily Ratajkowski, Britany Nola, Amy Hood, Marlo Lavonne and more. Limited edition with a print run of 1000 copies.

Odiseo – #3

Odiseo – #3 Text auf Englisch € 12,00 Odiseo Vol. 3 features editorials by Marc Regàs, Max von Gumppenberg & Patrick Bienert, and Olya Oleinic. With texts by Francis Melville, Ingo Niermann & Martti Kalliala, Joie Reinstein and Magnus Lindkvist, this volume introduces the Archive – a new section that looks back at erotic references [...]

Hello Mr. – Issue #2

Hello Mr. – Issue #2 Text auf Englisch € 16,00 „Hello Mr.“ ist ein Magazin „über Männer, die Männer daten“, wie es im Untertitel heisst. Das Cover ziert ein Portrait von Ed Droste, Bon-Vivant, Songwriter und Musiker der „Grizzly Bears“, der von seinem neuen Leben in LA, der Beziehung zu seinem Mann Chad McPhail, seinen [...]

Butt – 2014

Butt – 2014 Text auf Englisch € 30,00 More than 4 cm thick with more tear-off pages than there are days of the year. New day, new page, new guy – there are 365 guys in this edition of the BUTT CALENDAR. More than a kilo of BUTT buddies, readers and guys from all over [...]

Odiseo . #2

Odiseo – #2 Text auf Englisch 10,00 € Odiseo is a publication for adult entertainment. It includes a selection of photographic stories with an erotic point of view, accompanied by cutting-edge ideas by contemporary thinkers. Volume 2 features Lina Schynius’ self portraits, Jo Schwab¡s “Habitual Grace”, and Amy Hood as seen by the lens of [...]

032c – Issue #24

032c – Issue #24: Nicolas Ghesquière Text auf Englisch 12,00 € Hollywood super-actor CATE BLANCHETT poses in bondage amidst the contemporary art collection housed at Berlin’s Boros Bunker, instigated by SEAN + SENG and MEL OTTENBERG. Artists R.B. KITAJ and DAVID HOCKNEY review their lifelong friendship. Übermodel KARLIE KLOSS embodies the future of fashion and technology. [...]

Sang bleu – #6

Sang bleu – #6 Text auf Englisch 69,00 € Sang Bleu magazine – “An art project/magazine dedicated to discourses on the body”. After a two years break, creative director Maxime Büchi returns with guest editors Jason Farrer, Thomas Hooper, Betony Vernon and Nick Schonberger. Featuring the likes of Styles P, Paul Wall, Horikistune of Horiyoshi [...]

The Last Magazine – #9

The Last Magazine – #9 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € The new Last Magazine cover featuring Lara Stone photographed by Mikael Jansson, styled by Alastair McKimm

Crush – #6

Crush – #6 Text auf Englisch 14,00 € CONTRIBUTORS, Jenny Holzer, Elmgreen & Dragset, Peter De Potter, Eric Stephany & Daniel Berndt, Gordon West, Mars Robinson….


EY! MAGATEEN #8 – VIVA ESPAÑA Text auf Englisch 32,00 €

Kink – #16

Kink #16 Text auf Englisch 17,00 Euro

Nico – #6

Nico #6 – Confessions: Eroticism in Media Text auf Englisch 25,00 Euro In this issue, Nico takes a close look at the world of erotica in contemporary magazines. With “Confession: Eroticism in Media” we publish ten conversations with exciting magazine makers, revealing their creative process and taking a look behind the scenes. Additionally, we introduce [...]

Horst – #2

Horst – #2 Text auf Deutsch 25,00 € Unter Anderem mit Jean Paul Gaultier, John Varvatos, Michel Gaubert

Dossier – #9

Dossier – #9 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Dossier is a bi-annual arts and culture journal incorporating fashion, photography, creative writing, art, music and culinary pursuits. Inspired by the French word for file, they have no themes, features or specific guideline – independently published and owned.

Tissue #1

Tissue – #1 Text auf Englisch 14,00 € TISSUE is the new magazine by Uwe Jens Bermeitinger and Hans Bussert, the former creatives behind Nude Paper. From sexed-up to sex-ed, it’s an amalgamation of EVERYTHING SEXY. Women, men, horses, architecture, fire-breathing and porn paraphernalia – all contributed by only the most talented artists. In other [...]

S Magazine – Herbst/Winter 2011/2012

S Magazine – Herbst/Winter 2011/2012 Text auf Englisch 15,00 €

Butt Calender 2012

Butt Calender 2012 Kein Text 15,00 € 12 photographers and BUTT friends such as Wolfgang Tillmans, Walter Pfeiffer, Alasdair McLellan, Daniel Riera, Andreas Larsson, Paul Mpagi Sepuya. Each photographer fills one month.

Horst #1

Horst – #1 Text auf Deutsch 33,99 € HORST reflektiert das Lebensgefühl moderner, schwuler Männer, die sich nicht über ihre sexuelle Orientierung definieren. In HORST geht es um den selbstbewussten Umgang mit Männlichkeit, mit dem Körper, mit Bedürfnissen und mit Sexualität.

Love #5

The Hardcore Issue Text auf Englisch 14,90 €

S Magazine #11

Suspension Text auf Englisch 15,00 Euro Schiere Erotik ummantelt uns, die Grenzen zwischen Modefotografie und Pornografie verschwimmen. Doch nicht nur die mit Provokanz gepaarte Sinnlichkeit der Schauspielerin Paz de la Huerta auf dem Titel und im Interview trägt Züge von Sirenen-Klang; jede Strecke ist ein Ensemble aus Sexiness und Gewand gewordener Begierde. Dazwischen: Portraits der [...]

Candy – Issue #2

#2, Fall/Winter 2010 Text auf Englisch 40,00 € Candy is the first fashion magazine ever completely dedicated to celebrating transvestism, transexuality, cross dressing and androgyny, in all its manifestations.  Second Issue – veeery special! All contents have been done exclusively for Candy by a great team of contributors, amongst: BRUCE WEBER – STEVEN MEISEL – [...]

Jacques #5

the Sports Issue Texte auf Englisch 11,50 Euro www.jacquesmag.blogspot.com


Summer 2010 Texte auf Englisch 30,00 Euro The giant-size double issue with exclusive shots by Bruce Weber, Karim Sadli, Dough Inglish, Walter Pfeiffer, David Armstrong, Mariano Vivanco, Jolijn Snijders, Matthia Vriens, Alasdair McLellan and many more arrived today. www.byluisvenegas.com