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The Foodie’s Subscription

Bloom #23

Berlin Fashion Week Special – Food and Fashion

Even if FOOD AND FASHION seem to only have their initials in common, their relationship goes way back. Both are beautiful, deceiving, and an everyday form of expression. Think Marie-Antoinette. Or Lady Gaga. Or indulge into one of our Fashion & Food Magazines, if you’re not convinced. BRUTAL combines interviews, recipes and essays, making food [...]

food& #0

The Kitchen – Studio Olafur Eliasson

Kinfolk #18

Mexico – The Cookbook

Oak #4

Brownbook #52

Tapas #02

Tapas #02 Yummy, Yummy Magazine… Text auf Englisch € 10,00

chickpea winter 2014

Alla Carta #5

The Carton #11

The Carton – a magazine about culture and the middle east, #11 Text auf Englisch € 33,00 Zur Feier der 11. Ausgabe hat sich das libanesische Magazin „The Carton“ in doppelter Hinsicht verändert: Es präsentiert sich mit neuem Logo und im Hardcover. Geblieben ist die Grundidee, anhand von Geschichten rund um das Thema Essen, die [...]

CeeCee Berlin

Kinfolk – #13

Kinfolk – #13 Text auf Englisch € 16,50 The Autumn 2014 edition of Kinfolk is a celebration of all things imperfect. We’re all guilty of occasionally attempting to make our lives seem a little cleaner or a bit more organized, but the reality is often quite different. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming of an idyllic [...]

Anthology – #16

Anthology – #16 Text auf Englisch € 12,50 It`s all relative: The family issue. In the travel feature, a Bay Area artist and designer are followed around their native Buenos Aires. Siblings, parents, and children discuss their kin’s influences on their creative pursuits. Visits are paid to homeowners in Northern California, Southern California, and New [...]

Openhouse – #1

Openhouse – #1 Text auf Englisch € 18,00 Openhouse Magazine is a biannual publication that looks to bright, creative people from around the world who open the doors of their private spaces to the public. In the current issue, the magazine makers talk about their own space, Openhouse in Barcelona. Further featured visits are to [...]

Riposte – #2

Riposte – #2 A Smart Magazine for Women Text auf Englisch 14,00 € The second issue of Riposte is full of women who challenge the status quo and who have achieved great things things on their own terms. The magazine’s ideas section looks at the women doing interesting things across food, music, art, fashion and [...]

Gather Journal – #5

Gather Journal – #5 Caravan Text auf Englisch 18,00 € The desert issue of Gather Journal uses the word “Caravan” as its guide. It features an array of recipes that bear the imprints of deserts near and far. There is a chapter devoted to desserts inspired by the iconic visuals of one specific desert (Arizona’s [...]

Kinfolk – #12

Kinfolk – #12 Text auf Englisch € 16,50 Featuring: Photo essays that take us to salt-encrusted landscapes in Bolivia and Peru; Essays on the lure of the sea, sunburn, whale songs, John Steinbeck’s connection to the water. Interviews with the Meadow’s Mark Bitterman, best-selling author and former fisherman Mark Kurlansky, urban salt maker Sarah Sproule [...]

Paradiso – #3

Paradiso – #3 Text auf Deutsch 7,00 € Die neue Paradiso macht sich auf nach Griechenland und zu seinen Menschen: zu einem ehemaligen Marketingleiter, der eine Straßenküche eröffnete; zu einer Fotografin, die plötzlich politisch wurde; zu einem Krimiautor, dessen Romane man als politischen Kommentar liest; zu einem leitenden Angestellten, der als Ikea-Logistiker zwei Jahre ausschließlich [...]

Hot rum cow – Über beer

Hot rum cow – Über beer Text auf Englisch 10,00 € Hot Rum Cow is back – Issue #5 including the story of lager’s rise to world domination, from the frozen forests of Patagonia to the Great Exhibition in Paris. The help us distinguish our Dunkels from our Dortmunders and they pit the best of [...]

Anthology – #15

Anthology – #15 Text auf Englisch € 15,00 This issue includes a chat with Kristin Perers, the UK-based photographer behind the blog This Is 50. The travel dispatch examines Venice Beach from the perspective of a native. End any meal on a sweet note with a trio of desserts of varying degrees of complexity. A visit [...]

Chick Pea – Spring 2014

Chick Pea – Spring 2014 Text auf Englisch € 22,00 85 pages to get excited for the sunny days ahead. Some of the features: fresh tea party, springtime garden prep, eating whole grains, making peace with food, cooking calçots, creating vegan meringue & marshmallows, diy body scrubs, gluten-free cakes our spring book review and more…

Lucky Peach – #10

Lucky Peach – #10 Text auf Englisch € 12,50 Less summary than survey, the Street Food issue of Lucky Peach flits from birria in Mexico City to chicharron-studded tortillas in Buenos Aires, from chaat in Mumbai to gizzard and noodle soup in Bangkok’s Lumpinee Boxing Stadium. For Jonathan Gold, the experience of eating street food [...]

The Carton – #8

The Carton – #8 Text auf Englisch € 10,00 The new issue of Lebanese food culture mag “The Carton!” is themed ‘Mulled’. It is about the Arab worlds drink and spice rituals and offers reflective stories, mixology recipes, and a look at Lebanon’s national beverage Arak.

The Kinfolk Table by Nathan Williams

The Kinfolk Table Text auf Englisch € 30,00 Kinfolk have just published their first cookbook, reflecting their ideas about how entertaining should be: comfortable, simple, slow and meaningful. One-third cookbook, one-third narrative tale and one-third international adventure, “The Kinfolk Table” is a collection of 85 delectable recipes spread over nearly 400 pages from creative types [...]

Chickpea – Fall 2013

Chickpea – Fall 2013 Text auf Englisch € 22,00 The current issue of the vegan magazine teaches us how to make our own hard cider, what to do with tofu, has a story on a-ma: thai food for thai people, and awaits us with many amazing recipes like hokkaido risotto, zuccchini dill pancakes, cloudberry ice [...]

Kinfolk #9

Kinfolk – #9 Text auf Englisch € 23,50 The ninth issue of Kinfolk tells us how to find the right balance between work and play, how to make the most of our weekends and days off. The new issue features stories and photos from the Kinfolk team in Portland, Oregon, and its large community of [...]

Monocle Mediterraneo – #7

Monocle Mediterraneo – #7 Text auf Englisch € 6,00 The seasonal Monocle Newspaper edition awaits us with tempting summer recipes, amazing holiday destinations, sunny neighbourhoods and sizzling reports on summer hideouts, surf havens, fashion and much more, all to be found around the mediterranean sea and presented in the much-loved monocle style. This just wants [...]

Mood – #2

Mood – #2 Text auf Englisch 12,00 € MOOD is a quarterly magazine from Belgium dedicated to food and music. Its makers are in favour of having good meals along with listening to great music. They want to share this love by bringing together and interviewing people from both backgrounds, offering great recipes and tips [...]

Put A Egg On It – #7

Put A Egg On It – #7 Text auf Englisch € 7,00 Put A Egg On It Issue #7 is trés saucy! Boozy food photos, worldwide road food and a lovely family Easter dinner in the small burg of Iserlohn, Germany photographed by Carolin Leszczinski. Megan Keough traces a friendship through meals while Keith Yamashita [...]

Lucky Peach – #7

Lucky Peach Text auf Englisch € 12,50 Lucky Peach #7, the Travel issue, is about going places—and sometimes getting lost. Anthony Bourdain talks Deliverance, Apocalypse Now, and Southern Comfort. Harold MCGee schools us about the (possibly) harmful substances that travel from plastic to-go containers and into our food. Roy Choi waxes poetic on “the Aloha [...]

Kinfolk – #8

Kinfolk – #8 Text auf Englisch € 23,50 This issue is a glimpse of Japan through the Kinfolk lens; it highlights what is so lovable about this unique country, including the basic values, skills and recipes that come together to form the beautifully simple lifestyle known to be worth exploring. It’s doubtful that any one [...]

Hot Rum Cow – #3

HotRum Cow – #3 Text auf Englisch 12,50 € This third issue is designed to light a fire in the belly. It has been steeped in Scotch and bathed in Bourbon. It’s awash with the water of life. It’s submerged in shots, doused in drams and soused in Scotland’s national drink (and we’re not talking Irn [...]

Cereal – #3

Cereal – #3 Text auf Englisch 16,00 € This time Cereal travels to Reykjavik, Iceland; Santa Barbara, USA; and the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland. The issue is also about delving into the taste, history and contemporary interpretations of edible flowers and insects. In the interlude, the magazine has talked to modern British menswear brand [...]

Wilder – Spring 2013

Wilder – Spring 2013 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Wilder’s Spring edition takes a look at the dirtier side of plant life. They visit famed 1970s punk-band CRASS at their UK intentional community and garden, Dial House. They learn about the real birds and bees from famed botanist Timothy Erdmann. Fashion mavens Rodarte give them [...]

Gather – #3

Gather Journal – #3 Text auf Englisch € 18,00 The Spring/Summer 2013 “Rough Cut” issue focuses on film. Specifically summer movies with all their various sub – genres like the road trip, the summer romance, the beach idyll, and the summer in the city inspired an assortment of recipes as eclectic as the films themselves. [...]

Anthology – #11

Anthology – #11 Text auf Englisch 12,50 € Issue No. 11 Eat, Drink & Be Merry” revolves around food and drink. Including Janie Bryant, the costume designer for Mad Men. Homeowners in California, New York, Maine, and Massachusetts, open their doors. A Brooklyn dinner party. A travel dispatch focuses on the historic and modern appeal [...]

Apology – #1

Apology – #1 Text auf Englisch 19,00 € Apology is a new magazine of art, fiction, games, humor, essays, interviews, journalism and photography. Founded and edited by former Vice magazine editor-in-chief Jesse Pearson, Apology is inspired in equal measure by the golden ages of The New Yorker and Esquire; by 1980s punk zines like Sick [...]