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Elephant #9

Elephant #9 – Winter 2011/12 Text auf Englisch 19,95 €

Gallery – #12

Gallery – #12 The world´s best graphics Text auf Englisch 25,00 €

The Wiki Man: Rory Sutherland

The Wiki Man: Rory Sutherland Texte auf Englisch 20,00 Euro Rory Sutherland is a marketing specialist and vice chairman of the Ogilvy Group. His itinerary through the agency led him from “the worst ever employed trainee”, whose idiosyncratic character soon rubbed against sections of administration, to the top of the Creative Department, where thinking outside [...]


Gusto Text auf Englisch 39,90 € This book is a journey through ‘culinary design` – graphic and interior. A jaunt through the rarefied air of greatest destination restaurants, cafes and bars from around the world.

I Read Where I Am

I Read Where I Am Exploring New Information Cultures Texte auf Englisch 18,00 Euro “I Read Where I Am” examines new tendencies and currents in information design and our concomitant reading habits. Information is universally available, is avidly absorbed everywhere, browsed through, clicked. The daily paper that is read from front to back seems a [...]

Graphic – #18

Graphic #18 – The Workshop issue Text auf Koreanisch/Englisch 20,00 € This issue brings together 16 workshops on graphic design. It revisits these workshops which have been held around the world for the last two years, and provides the details and energies of such graphic design education that takes place outside the regular curriculum.

IdN – 18/3

IdN – Glitch Issue Text auf Englisch 15,00 € In the ever-more-perfect world of computerised design, accidents can be inspirational. When the software seizes up, some free spirits become even more creative. What was once a goof is now a genre – let the featuring 12 glitch-design specialists explain how it has opened up new [...]


Text auf Deutsch u. Englisch 14,90 Euro

Grafik #190

G190 Texte auf Englisch 15,00 € Featuring new work by Mat Maitland and Will Sweeney, Richard Hogg and Patrick Thomas. Design Hero John Gorham. Profiles of Job Wouters (aka Letman) and The Luxury of Protest. New Talent, events, competitions and more.

Grafik #189

#189 Texte auf Englisch 15,50 € The second wonderful issue of the newly set-up editors run Grafik from London featuring Non-Format, Church of London, James Goggin, Visual Editions, Tony Forster, David Pearson, Universal Everything, Manual, Amelia Noble, Tom Muller, Anthony Burrill, Mind Design and Magnus Voll Mathiassen in Profile. In this issues special feature “Publishing [...]

Book Art

Iconic Sculptures and Installations Made from Books Texte und Englisch 29,90 € For centuries books have contained and presented the written words that have allowed humankind to study and interpret the world. As texts have become readily available through different media, contemporary artists have been increasingly exploring the interplay between the function, structure, and format [...]

Thanks for sharing!

Ausstellungskatalog Text auf Deutsch und Englisch 8,00 € Publication documenting the artzine exhibition exhibition & symposium Thanks for sharing!, that took place in May 2010 at d21 art space, Leipzig. Im ersten Teil der Publikation, einem knapp 40 Seiten umfassenden Booklet, finden sich Interviews mit Kuratoren, Künstlern und Verlegern auf deutsch und mit englischer Übersetzung, [...]

+81 Magazine #51

Inspirational Typography issue Text auf Englisch und Japanisch 23,00 € »Creators’ Interviews« with Attack, H5, Niels Shoe Meulman and a »Dynamism in typography« feature where it’s all about creators who exhibit superb expressive ability and technique in typography. Among the 20 selected are: Yulia Brodskaya, Sean Freeman, Alida Rosie Sayer, Huda Abdul Aziz, Sebastian Lester, [...]

Das Lesikon der visuellen Kommunikation

Juli Gudehus Eine Collage 100,00 Euro 3.000 hauchdünne Seiten auf Bibeldruckpapier gedruckt mit 5 individuellen Fundstücken der Alltagstypografie als Lesezeichen 9.704 Begriffe und keine einzige Abbildung. Das Lesikon ist eine neue Kategorie Buch, eine Designgeschichte in 508 Kapiteln. Es hat die Form eines Lexikons, ohne eines zu sein. Im Unterschied zu einem von A bis [...]

Graphic #16

The Type Archive Issue Winter 2010 Text auf Koreanisch und Englisch 31,00 € This type archive issue exhibits a wide spectrum of 48 typefaces that reflect current flows of typeface design, which again reflect today’s graphic design. This issue is composed of two books and a booklet; a type specimen of 48 typefaces, a book [...]

The Tender Spot

The Graphic Design of Mario Lombardo Text auf Englisch 39,90 Euro „Das kenn ich doch“, denkt man sich beim Durchblättern der über 250 Seiten starken Monografie des Grafik Designers Mario Lombardo. Seine Arbeit trägt durchgehend eine eigene Handschrift, egal ob in Magazinen, Büchern oder auf Plattenhüllen. Der Prolog und der Appendix, wechselseitig auf Glanz und [...]

Elephant #5

Winter 2010-11 Text auf Englisch 19,95 € The holiday issue of Elephant travels from São Paulo to Tel Aviv, via LA and Cologne, talking to visual arts legends such as artist Ramond Pettibon and photographer Miron Zownir and icon builders and destroyers such as art director Tom Hingston, painter Wolfe Von Lenkiewicz, paper sculptor Jeff [...]

Typographic Wall Calendar

2011, Limited Edition of 750 Text auf Englisch 29,00 € This project is as insane as it is beautiful. Frankfurt typographer Harald Geisler placed 2011 keyboard keys line by line to create a 70x100cm sized wall calendar, printed on coated paper with a special UV-varnish to write and re-write on it. Check out the “making [...]


Ein Magazin für visuelle Menschen. / A magazine for visual people. Text auf Deutsch und Englisch 22,00 € Ein Bild sagt mehr als tausend Worte. Infografiken benötigen neben journalistischem Gespür viel Zeit und Geduld. Die Redaktion von »IN GRAPHICS« nimmt sich diese Zeit sehr bewusst, um interessante Inhalte spannend und mit Liebe zum Detail zu [...]

Karel Martens

Printed Matter/Drukwerk Text auf Englisch 57,00 € After being out of print for some years this revised and extended third edition of one of the most striking graphic design monographs ever, has forty additional pages and might be the final one showcasing the now 50 years of Karel Martens’ outstanding work. To celebrate this anniversary [...]

IDEA #343 – Nobuhiro Yamaguchi & Typography

#343 Text in Japanese and English 32,50 € Nobuhiro Yamaguchi – Forms of Mutual Unity. The development of Typographische Monatsblätter magazine with selected covers. Books on typography from 34 reading lists. Critical Development of Sans Serifs – Replica, New Rail Alphabet, Neutral.

Elephant #4

#4 Text auf Englisch 19,95 € In an essay on Baudelaire, Walter Benjamin imagines works of art as keys cut with no particular lock in mind. Future users will one day find that these keys can open new doors, doors which were unknown, unimagined and even unimaginable to the original makers. Most of the artists [...]


Exhibition Catalogue Texte auf Englisch 15,00 Euro ‘Book’, functions as a mobile extension to the exhibition, ‘Book Show’. Including a facsimile reprint of Ulises Carrión’s ‘The New Art of Making Books’ as it originally appeared in the journal Kontexts; an illustrated text by James Langdon and additional works, both existing and newly commissioned. Works by: [...]

Graphic #15

Printing Journal Texte auf Englisch und Koreanisch 17,00 Euro Printing makes graphic design born physically. This “Printing” issue reviews contemporary printing culture from the viewpoint of graphic design. We visited four noteworthy printers in The Netherlands each of whom represent the current culture in printing. We also visited the studio of Karel Martens (Dutch graphic [...]

Gum #11

Magazin für konzeptionelles Gestalten Texte auf Deutsch 19,80 Euro Gestaltung lebt von originären Einfällen. Diese stets aufs Neue zu generieren ist eine Herausforderung, die sich seit dem Anschluss an die vernetzten Archive der Welt und ihren ästhetischen Ausdrucksformen verändert hat. Die Fülle der verfügbaren Anregungen in Bild und Schrift macht es notwendig, die Strategien der [...]

Graphic #14

Work & Run: Young Studios Texte auf Englisch und Koreanisch 17,00 Euro 30 young small graphic design studios participated in this issue showing their work, talking about running the studio. You can find 23 studios from around the world such as Switzerland, United States, The Netherlands, Germany, England, Belgium, Canada, as well as 7 studios [...]

form #233

Achtung Berlin! Texte auf Deutsch und Englisch 16,90 Euro Berlin gilt als Hauptstadt der Kreativität. Zahlreiche renommierte Designer haben in den letzten Jahren ihren Wohnsitz dorthin verlegt – von Mario Lombardo über Eike König bis Hella Jongerius. Ganz zu schweigen von der Masse an jungen Kreativen aus aller Welt, die das Flair der Stadt lieben [...]

IdN Volume 17 #3

Eco-Graphics Issue Texte auf Englisch 15,00 Euro One simple motto – ‘Buy and use only what you really need and then get rid of it properly when you have finished with it’ – could make a huge difference in helping to reduce the mountain of waste that is threatening to destroy our eco-system. As those [...]

Irma Boom

Biography in Books Texte auf Englisch 21,50 Euro Irma Boom has become one of the most widely renowned and laureated book designers in the world today. Her often ingenious solutions to individual book productions have gained her international fame and her work is now collected by many leading museums such as the Moma in New [...]

Elephant #3

Summer 2010 Texte auf Englisch 19,95 Euro Issue 3 of Elephant Magazine features a upfront & personal interviews with legendary visual art figures such as Vaughan Oliver, Christopher Doyle, Isidro Ferrer, Llyn Foulkes, Ed Fella and Stanley Donwood. www.elephantmag.com


Text auf Englisch 6,00 Euro The times of cryptography are gone once and for all. There is no need anymore to niftily hide the references you’re using. So in order to step back from discussions around references, quotes and plagiarism, we’d like to remind you about terms like visionary, quixotic and otherworldly and present you [...]

032c #19

WILLIAM T. VOLLMANN Summer 2010, #19 Texte auf Englisch 10,00 Euro “I have become a mere recording angel,” states WILLIAM T. VOLLMANN in this issue’s 40-page dossier on the American author’s pursuit to understand the tyrannical world; meanwhile, Pierre Alexandre de Looz activates the secret Vogue history of CY TWOMBLY photographed by Horst P. Horst; [...]

Slanted Magazin #10

HEAVY METAL. LOVERS Text auf Deutsch/Englisch 12,00 Euro “Slanted #10 – Heavy Metal. Lovers.” widmet sich Frakturschriften und harter Musik. Unter anderem werden Arbeiten von Invisible Creature (Seattle), historische Schrift-Schätze aus den Archiven von Linotype (Bad Homburg) und dem Klingspor Museum (Offenbach), die Fotoreportage “True Norwegian Black Metal” von Peter Beste (New York) u.v.a vorgestellt. [...]

Graphic – Visual Identity Issue

#13 Text auf Englisch und Koreanisch 15,80 Euro This issue explores the sphere of visual identity. You can find 28 design teams’ projects and their interviews in this issue, which emphasizes the identities within cultural sector such as for museums, cultural festivals, exhibitions, theaters etc., that broadly outline the directions of the current visual identity [...]

Elephant #2

Issue 2 Text auf Englisch 19,95 Euro Issue #2 features in-depth interviews with Mark Farrow, Giles Revell and Wim Delvoye. This issue’s research section runs on 86 pages and discusses the art of sex and what still is a visual artist’s most powerful weapon: drawing. Furthermore, there are studio visits to Lydia Selimalhigazi, Mario Hugo, [...]

Mein Block.

Buchgestaltung und Grafikdesign aus Leipzig. 16. März bis 18. April 2010 If you are in Leipzig these days, check out the Mein Block exhibition in the Kunstverein Leipzig, Kolonnadenstr. 6. Aktuelle Positionen ausgewählt und platziert von: Markus Dreßen, Anna Lena von Helldorff, Jakob Kirch, Philipp Paulsen, Britt Schlehahn, Pascal Storz www.kunstvereinleipzig.de

IdN – The Branding Issue

vol17 #1 Text auf Englisch 15,00 Euro Brand Everything Once upon a time, a simple, eye-catching logo did the trick. Now it has all become very much more complicated, with the bigger firms needing a complete “identity system”. Featuring: 21-19 | Christoph Almasy | Jordi Huaman | Joshua Distler | Landor Associates | Marc Alcock [...]

IdN – the Colour Issue

vol16 #6 Text auf Englisch 15,00 Euro Colour is at once both the most subjective and the most universal of design elements. For most of us, there is no particular rationale behind what we regard as our ‘favourite’ colours – but for a designer, making the right choice of colour combinations can mean the difference [...]

Arkitip #53

X: Mark of Collaboration Text auf Englisch# 25,00 € The poet Ryunosuke Satoro said, “Individually, we are one drop. Together we are an ocean.” A great collaboration occurs at that nexus of unforeseen possibilities and positive friction. Grace, openness and honesty can achieve extra-ordinary results. The most satisfying experiences in our careers, as a Cultural [...]

grafik #185

Text auf Englisch 12,00 Euro This month’s special report, »Meeting of Minds«, unpicks aspects of the key realtionships in graphic design, as recounted by some of the most admired peole in our industry. Steven Bateman made a date with Wim Crouwel and Hamish Muir to talk about their relationships as client and designer, Derek Birdsall [...]