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Masks in the Forest

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Nasenlöcher –Gen-Ichiro Yagyu Text auf Deutsch € 13,00 Das Buch “Nasenlöcher“ ist ein Kinderbuch–Klassiker aus Japan und nun bei Rollo Press zum ersten Mal auf Deutsch erschienen. Auf 28 Seiten erfährt man alles Nützliche und Unnützliche, was man über Nasenlöcher wissen sollte. Nicht nur warum man sich nichts in die Nase stecken sollte, woher der [...]

Mincho #7

We go to the gallery

Popshot – #11

Popshot – #11 Text auf Englisch € 8,00 Popshot is an illustrated literary magazine that publishes short stories, flash fiction, and poetry from the literary new blood. Its latest issue – The Journeys Issue – takes us on the journey of a series of journeys. From escaping the rat race to explore the planet, to [...]

The Granny Alphabet

The Granny Alphabet Photographs by Tim Walker Text by Kit Hesketh-Harvey 30,00 € Tim Walker has won a cult following for his flamboyant, lavishly staged and surrealist fashion photography. Now he brings his unique brand of very British fantasia to a subject close to his and all our hearts: grannies. Volume one offers a collection [...]

The Super Book For Super Heroes

The Super Book For Super Heroes Text auf Englisch 13,00 € Everything a superhero needs is right here. Readers will learn how to send secret messages after creating a Secret Code Wheel, and they will become experts on super gadgets, secret hideouts, and such super powers as invisibility, super strength, speed, flight, X-ray vision, and [...]

Apartamento – #12

Apartamento – #12 Text auf Englisch 12,00 € Featuring: Trix & Robert Haussmann, Omar Souleyman, Atsuki Kikuchi, Rose McGowan, Ken Done, Scott Ewalt, Sara Sachs & Frederik Jacobi, Scott Sternberg, Christoph Ruckhäberle, Chung Eun Mo, Aurélien Arbet & Jérémie Egry, Smiljan Radic, Piero Gandini, Jolanthe Kugler, Francesco Zanot, Genesis P-Orridge. With Murray Moss’ collection of [...]

Back Cover – #6 Japan

Back Cover – #6 Japan Text auf Französisch und Englisch € 25,00 The sixth issue of “Back Cover” is the result of a four-month period spent in Japan. It is devoted entirely to this geographical and cultural area. Little of what is created in Japan reaches us. Our knowledge is limited to commercially viable (and [...]

The Plant – #5

The Plant – #5 Text auf Englisch 12,00 €¥ In the new issue they visit plant life in Mozambique with Lina Scheynius, the edible garden and allotment of Alys Fowler in Birmingham and investigate the supernatural vegetation of LA through the lens of Daniel Trese. Sarah Ryhanen writes about the ‘good life’ and the beginnings [...]

Parterre de Rois – #01 Carnal

Parterre de Rois – #01 Carnal Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Parterre de Rois is an independent bi-annual magazine amalgamating erudite and popular culture. It’s an imaginary dinner party where one word is on the menu. Mixing up contemporary culture with relevant masterpieces from the past, rich & famous with underdogs and oddballs, influential and [...]

1:1 – Leitsysteme, Orientierung, Identität / Signage, Orientation, Identity – Booklaunch with Moniteurs at the Reading Room

1:1 – Leitsysteme, Orientierung, Identität / Signage, Orientation, Identity Moniteurs (Ed.), Niggli Verlag Text auf Deutsch oder Englisch 49,80 € Einladung zur Buchpräsentation „1:1 Leitsystem, Orientierung, Identität“, das im Niggli Verlag erscheint Dienstag, 24. September 2013, 19 Uhr Reading Room, Potsdamer Straße 98, Berlin In „1:1 Leitsystem, Orientierung, Identität“ zeigt Moniteurs Projekte der letzten zehn [...]

Wilder – Spring 2013

Wilder – Spring 2013 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Wilder’s Spring edition takes a look at the dirtier side of plant life. They visit famed 1970s punk-band CRASS at their UK intentional community and garden, Dial House. They learn about the real birds and bees from famed botanist Timothy Erdmann. Fashion mavens Rodarte give them [...]

Apology – #1

Apology – #1 Text auf Englisch 19,00 € Apology is a new magazine of art, fiction, games, humor, essays, interviews, journalism and photography. Founded and edited by former Vice magazine editor-in-chief Jesse Pearson, Apology is inspired in equal measure by the golden ages of The New Yorker and Esquire; by 1980s punk zines like Sick [...]

A Magazine curated by – Stephen Jones

A Magazine curated by – Stephen Jones Text auf Englisch 20,00 € Inviting generations of British and continental talent to express his universe not only through their eyes but through their hands, the British milliner Stephen Jones has dedicated his issue of A Magazine Curated By to Anna Piaggi and the art of illustration. Stephen’s [...]

IN GRAPHICS #5 – The Project is going on

IN GRAPHICS #5 – The Project is going on Text auf Englisch und Deutsch 14,90 € The current issue focuses on water. Five double pages cover the crucial facts of the ongoing discussions of this scarce resource and the implications of water seen mainly as a market good. Featuring superstar visualists like John Grimwade and Jaime [...]

Encyclopedia for the Art and History of Tattooing

Encyclopedia for the Art and History of Tattooing – Henk Schiffmacher Text auf Deutsch und Englisch 67,00 € Von der Vorzeit bis in die Moderne beinhaltet „Hanky Pankys“ meisterhafte Enzyklopädie fast alle Fakten, technischen Begriffe und Anekdoten über Tätowierungen. Sie wird maßgeblich dazu beitragen, dass Tätowieren endgültig als vollwertige Kunstform ernst genommen nimmt. From prehistory [...]

M to M of M/M (Paris)

M to M of M/M (Paris) – Emily King Text auf Englisch 55,00 € Eine hervorragend arrangierte Werkschau die greifbar vermittelt, dass die Arbeit von M/M Paris in verschiedensten kulturellen Disziplinen und langfristigen kreativen Partnerschaften tatsächlich als ein künstlerisches Gesamtwerk zu begreifen ist. A superbly arranged monographic show which palpably conveys a sense that the [...]

Illustration School – Sachiko Umoto

Illustration School – Sachiko Umoto Text auf Japanisch 15,00 € In seiner Illustration School bringt Sachiko Umoto jedem der Spaß an japanischen Characters hat seinen unvergesslichen Stil näher. Mit kurzen, klaren Anweisungen werden kinderleicht Überlegungen, Schritte und Techniken erlernt. Let’s draw! In his Illustration School Sachiko Umoto teaches everyone who enjoys Japanese Characters his inimitable [...]

Vlisco Fabrics

Vlisco Fabrics – Suze May Sho, Roger Gerards & Anja Aronowsky Cronberg Text auf Englisch 155,00 € Aus Indonesien stammend und in den Niederlanden entworfen sind Vlisco Stoffe seit über 100 Jahren überall auf der Welt heiß begehrt. Auf satten 228 Seiten werden hier die Archive in hochwertigen 1:1 Full Bleed Prints ausgebreitet. Zur Krönung [...]

Leute – Blexbolex

Leute – Blexbolex Text auf Englisch 16,95 € Die wunderbar einfachen und dennoch ausdrucksstarken Illustrationen von Blexbolex stellen auf ikonische Weise 200 typische Leute und Berufe aus aller Herren Länder anhand ihrer charakteristischen Merkmale vor. The wonderfully simple and yet ever so expressive illustrations by Blexbolex introduce us in iconic manner to 200 typical people [...]

M to M of M/M (Paris)

M to M of M/M (Paris) Text auf Englisch 58,00 € This monograph presenting twenty years of works by M/M (Paris), one of the most emblematic and influential design practices and art partnerships of the twenty-first century. Their close associations with the music, fashion and art worldshave led to their becoming one of the most [...]

Fukt – #11

Fukt – Magazine about drawings Text auf Englisch 12,00 € Featuring: Anke Becker, Christian Weihrauch, Frank Höhne, Frédéric Malette, Iliana Antonova, Michael Kutschbach, Bettina Krieg, Øyvind Torseter, Rik Smits, Björn Hegardt, Tim Knowles, Arno Kramer, C.F. Hill and many more.

Wrap – #5

Wrap – #5 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Features on designer Dominic Wilcox, illustrator Paul Blow, shop owner Danielle Reid, polar explorer Ben Saunders, up-and-coming ceramicists Billy Lloyd and Ian McIntyre plus MUCH MORE! Including 10 x unique theme inspired illustrations by some of the most talented illustrators of the moment -5 x pull-out double-sided [...]

Choi´s Gallery – ‘#15

Choi´s Gallery – #15 Text auf Englisch 26,00 € It includes packaging, identity, publication, poster, DM, promotion material, campaign, card, website, environment, point of sale, photograph and illustration. ect.

Roven – Summer 2012

Roven – #7 Text auf Französisch 21,00 Roven is a biannual critical magazine devoted to contemporary drawing, structured around numerous monographic and thematical texts, a portfolio by one emerging artist, some interviews, and a creative section of unpublished works.

Uppercase – #14

Uppercase – #14 Text auf Englisch 19,00 € UPPERCASE publishes books and magazines for the creative and curious: products that spark the imagination and inspire creativity. The magazine, now in its fourth year has been recognized for its design excellence. In this issue of UPPERCASE, they explore the mark-making of sport, the aesthetic allure of baseball [...]

Ideas Illustrated – #5

Ideas Illustrated – The Luck Issue Text auf Englisch 8,00 € The fifth issue of Ideas Illustrated takes the theme of luck as a starting point and presents a winning mix of content aimed squarely at those in the business of creativity and ideas – from the history of the Michelin Man to the future [...]

In graphics – #4

IN GRAPHICS Text auf deutsch und englisch 14,90 € IN GRAPHICS ist das Magazin für visuelle Menschen, ohne lange Texte und große Bildstrecken. Die aktuelle Ausgabe der Infographics widmet sich Themen aus Politik, Wirtschaft, Kultur und Unterhaltung – ausschließlich in grafischer Form. Das Titelthema Olympia wird aus den unterschiedlichsten Perspektiven von der Antike bis heute abgebildet. [...]

Disegno – #2

Disegno #2 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Twice a year, Disegno releases a printed magazine. This biannual tome is dedicated to key events in architecture, design and fashion over the last six months. It is an essential read and flick for both laymen and professionals and gives a flavour of the current stylistic and intellectual [...]

IdPure – #28

IdPure – #28 Text auf Deutsch/Englisch 12,00 € IDPURE is a magazine dedicated to professionals working in the graphic arts, images and design, as well as to those working in the areas of creation and visual communication. IDPURE offers a comprehensive picture of the world of creation in Switzerland and abroad. It also provides a [...]

Pohshot – #7

Popshot – #7 Text auf Englisch 8,00 € The #7 issue, based on the wonderfully tangled and extensive theme of Power. Expect to find poems about selling the sky, baby dictators, the infamous jumpers of 9/11, and women’s connection to the moon. Featuring work from some of the finest contemporary poets and illustrators working today.

Dash Magazine – #1

Dash Magazine – #1 Text auf Englisch 14,95 € DASH Magazine is a new magazine about fashion and Illustration. First issue featuring Kate Moss, François Berthoud, Spiros Halaris, Patrick Morgan, Joseph Turvey, and many others.

3×3 Illustration Annual – #8

3×3 Illustration Annual – #8 Text auf Englisch 21,00 € Take a look at the best illustration work from around the world. Including best illustration in advertising, books, editorial, sci-fi, institutional, gallery, unpublished and children’s books.

IdN – Humorous Design

IdN – Humorous Design and DVD “Annual review of the “Best of the Best” Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Who doesn’t like to make people laugh? An ability to do this always adds something special to the message being conveyed, however serious its ultimate intent, and the rewards for those designers with a universal sense [...]

Elephant #9

Elephant #9 – Winter 2011/12 Text auf Englisch 19,95 €

Gallery – #12

Gallery – #12 The world´s best graphics Text auf Englisch 25,00 €

Grafik #189

#189 Texte auf Englisch 15,50 € The second wonderful issue of the newly set-up editors run Grafik from London featuring Non-Format, Church of London, James Goggin, Visual Editions, Tony Forster, David Pearson, Universal Everything, Manual, Amelia Noble, Tom Muller, Anthony Burrill, Mind Design and Magnus Voll Mathiassen in Profile. In this issues special feature “Publishing [...]