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Space Magazine #7

Space Magazine #7 € 12,- The biannual Space magazine which explores interior and cultural spaces, mixes articles and interviews with candid photography and displays of the occasionally extravagant concerns of living. Taking inspiration from the B-sides of records which sometimes include bonus tracks complementing an artist’s hit single, this seventh issue draws connections between the [...]

do you read me?! Archive Sale @ Lostweekend, München

Eigentlich ist es gegen die Vernunft wenn man sich als Magazinhändler nicht von alten Ausgaben trennen kann, aber dieser Unvernunft verdanken wir es nun, dass wir von unseren Münchner Freunden vom Lost Weekend eingeladen wurden eine Art temporäres Archiv einzurichten und Euch bietet sich die einmalige Gelegenheit Magazine aus den letzten 10 Jahren vergünstigt zu [...]

Berlin Living Rooms

Apartamento #20

Cereal #14

Å-Journal #1

Spring Cleaning…

Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artisans

Clay: Contemporary Ceramic Artisans Text in English 30,00 Euro Pottery and ceramics is enjoying a market renaissance, as part of an urge of ‚slow‘ or more ‚authentic’ living within the 21st century landscape. Objects made by hand, the imperfect, the unique is what our generation is craving for. The hand crafted ceramic bowl, the clay [...]

Harvard Design Magazine # 43 – Shelf Life

Harvard Design Magazine # 43 – Shelf Life Text in English 16,00 Euro #43 of Harvard Design – titled Shelf Life – is ‘an investigation of contents, containers and systems of storage that organize our world’. Already in the editorial letter the oozing wound of contemporary capitalism is being poked into: ‚How does all this [...]

Hole & Corner #8

Hole & Corner #8 Text auf Englisch € 14,00

E.R.O.S. #7

Dirty Furniture #2

Kinfolk #18

Cabana #4

apartamento #16

The Kinfolk Home

Oak #4

apartamento #15

apartamento #15 Text auf Englisch € 12,00

Office Romance

Office Romance – Kathy Ryan Text auf Englisch € 27,00

Milk Decoration #11

Milk Decoration #11 März/April/Mai 2015 Text auf Französisch 7,20 €

CeeCee Berlin

Space – #1

Space – #1 Text auf Englisch € 12,00 Space magazine is a new interior and culture biannually that combines frank photography and writing with the universal and sometimes extravagant subject of living. Space magazine creates a new mark for mixing unique interiors and design with great stories. It includes interviews, reportages and portfolios. The debut [...]

Kinfolk – #13

Kinfolk – #13 Text auf Englisch € 16,50 The Autumn 2014 edition of Kinfolk is a celebration of all things imperfect. We’re all guilty of occasionally attempting to make our lives seem a little cleaner or a bit more organized, but the reality is often quite different. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming of an idyllic [...]

Anthology – #16

Anthology – #16 Text auf Englisch € 12,50 It`s all relative: The family issue. In the travel feature, a Bay Area artist and designer are followed around their native Buenos Aires. Siblings, parents, and children discuss their kin’s influences on their creative pursuits. Visits are paid to homeowners in Northern California, Southern California, and New [...]

Openhouse – #1

Openhouse – #1 Text auf Englisch € 18,00 Openhouse Magazine is a biannual publication that looks to bright, creative people from around the world who open the doors of their private spaces to the public. In the current issue, the magazine makers talk about their own space, Openhouse in Barcelona. Further featured visits are to [...]

Modern Originals

Modern Originals Text auf Englisch € 42,00 This intimate portrait of both iconic and unknown midcentury European designers and architectural masterpieces reveals an inspiring personal approach to modernism. This gorgeously photographed volume features the intimate and private spaces of both the icons and unknown vanguards of European midcentury architecture and design. Showcasing the functional beauty [...]

Wegner: just one good chair

Wegner: just one good chair Christian Holmsted Olesen Text auf Deutsch oder Englisch 49,80 € Der Name von Hans J. Wegner ist untrennbar mit seinen unübertroffenen Stühlen verbunden, mit denen er dem dänischen Design international zum Durchbruch verhalf. Der gelernte Möbeltischler schuf die Prototypen zumeist mit eigener Hand; er benutzte traditionelle Verbindungstechniken wie Schlitz und [...]

Anthology – #15

Anthology – #15 Text auf Englisch € 15,00 This issue includes a chat with Kristin Perers, the UK-based photographer behind the blog This Is 50. The travel dispatch examines Venice Beach from the perspective of a native. End any meal on a sweet note with a trio of desserts of varying degrees of complexity. A visit [...]

Maria Pergay. Complete Works 1975-2010

Maria Pergay Complete Works 1957-2010 Text auf Englisch € 62,00 This is the first comprehensive survey of the designer’s work. Edited by connoisseur historians Suzanne Demisch and Stephane Danant of Demisch Danant gallery, this 325-page volume traces the innovations and output of Pergay across time, geography, and materials. Having begun in silver, Pergay is most renowned [...]

Monocle Mediterraneo – #7

Monocle Mediterraneo – #7 Text auf Englisch € 6,00 The seasonal Monocle Newspaper edition awaits us with tempting summer recipes, amazing holiday destinations, sunny neighbourhoods and sizzling reports on summer hideouts, surf havens, fashion and much more, all to be found around the mediterranean sea and presented in the much-loved monocle style. This just wants [...]

Milk Deco – #4

Milk Deco – #4 Text auf Französisch und Englisch 6,90 €

Apartamento – #11

Apartamento – #11 Text auf Englisch 12,00 € In this issue: Francois Halard, Michael Stipe, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Bob Gill, Anton Henning, Marlene Marino, Tony Cederteg, Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes, Ricardo Bofill, Elfie Semotan, Tenko Nakajima, Michael Smith, Santi Caleca, Lovis Caputo, Lars Muller, Alexander Scharer, Henry Roy, Jeremy Liebman. With a selection of proverbs [...]

Frame – #91

Frame – #91 Text auf Englisch 19,95 € This issue, Frame tries out fresh concepts of future living – as imagined by designers and their clients in some intriguing homes. They visit new hotels in Amsterdam (by Marcel Wanders) and Penang (by Ministry of Design), where the emphasis is on storytelling. Then it’s off to [...]

Frame – #90

Frame – #90 Text auf Englisch 19,95 € In this issue, lighting designer Sarah Landau, LED maestro Tom Jenkinson and musician Amon Tobin talk about how light projections can turn music into a physical entity. Pictures from theEncyclopedia of Flowers by graphic designer Kenya Hara and flower artist Makoto Azuma and delve into the microcosmic [...]

Apartamento – #10

Apartamento – #10 Text auf Englisch 12,00 € FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF APARTAMENTO! Featuring: Esther Mahlangu, Yorgos Lanthimos, Witold Rybczynski, Ai Weiwei, Jim Walrod, Christophe Lemaire & Sarah-Linh Tran, Edward Colver, Coryander Friend, David Toro & Solomon Chase, Tauba Auerbach, Ken Garland, Rachel Korine, Ola Rindal, KK Barrett, Elein Fleiss, Jasper Morrison, Juergen Teller, Marlene Marino, Claudette Didul, Jeremy [...]

bauhaus – The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s magazine – #3

bauhaus – The Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s magazine – #3 Text auf Deutsch und Englisch 8 € The third issue of bauhaus is dedicated to things. “A thing is determined by its essence” wrote the Bauhaus founder Walter Gropius in 1925, and this issue has committed itself to investigate the very essence of things. The magazine [...]

Tools – 2012

Tools – 2012 Text auf Japanisch und Englisch 28,50 € “TOOLS” is the book from HUZINE book label, which represents the idea cannot be compressed
 into HUGE. The new complete catalog of living style, TOOLS 2012 is out now. Handmade axe with a pride of pionner days in the USA, functional clothes pegs from the [...]

Endless – #1

Endless #1 Asia Text auf Englisch 12,00 € Say hello to the Trip Family – Mrs. Trip, Mr Trip, BIG A trip, and LITTLE Z trip. They are traveling around the world and let us be part of their experience. MANIFESTO Travelling involves the unexpected. Change of location provides sensation. Always. The details are the [...]

It’s Lonely in the Modern World

It’s Lonely in the Modern World Text auf Englisch 18,00 € The Essential Guide to Form, Function, and Ennui from the Creators of UnhappyHipsters.com

Freunde von Freunden – Berlin

Freunde von Freunden Berlin mit einem Vorwort von Adriano Sack Texte auf Deutsch und Englisch 39,90 Euro Spricht man heutzutage über Berlin, so spricht man von der Stadt der Kreativen. Wie man als ›Kreativer‹ in der Hauptstadt lebt und wohnt, das hat uns über die letzten Jahre hinweg der Blog »Freunde von Freunden« liebevoll näher [...]