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Stadtaspekte – #2

Stadtaspekte – #2 Text auf Deutsch € 7,90 In der zweiten Ausgabe des Berliner Magazins lesen wir wie 1988 das Lenné – Dreieck, westlich der Mauer gelegen, politisch aber der DDR zugehörig, besetzt und zum Politikum wurde, es findet sich ein Portrait über einen Rooftopper in Toronta, über die Wissenschaft der Distribution in der Stadt, [...]

Works that works – #2

Works that works – #2 Text auf Englisch 16,00 € Works That Work is a biannual magazine from the Netherlands and has just released its second issue. The magazines focus lies on design or rather, creativity as such. The projects presented are packed in well-written stories that raise our curiosity. They are collected from all [...]

Monocle Mediterraneo – #7

Monocle Mediterraneo – #7 Text auf Englisch € 6,00 The seasonal Monocle Newspaper edition awaits us with tempting summer recipes, amazing holiday destinations, sunny neighbourhoods and sizzling reports on summer hideouts, surf havens, fashion and much more, all to be found around the mediterranean sea and presented in the much-loved monocle style. This just wants [...]

Monu – #18

Monu – #18 On Communal Urbanism Text auf Englisch 15,00 € How should we live together? is the central question of this 18th issue of MONU on the topic of “Communal Urbanism”, focusing on contemporary communal living in cities. According to Martin Abbott’s contribution “Learning to Live Together”, this is a question often discussed among [...]

Men`s File – Revivalists

Men`s file – Revivalists Text auf Englisch € 40,00 The second book in the Men’s File Archive series, The Revivalists is a publication that seeks permission from some of the world’s most dedicated mid-century stylists to reveal their all encompassing adherence to revival style. Following Dick Hebdige’s original thought, these individuals often operate in a [...]

Candy – #6

Candy – #6 Text auf Englisch € 42,00 Including: James Franco Goes Psycho // The Now New Yorkers by // Casey Spooner and Miguel Figueroa // Brazilian comedienne Rogèria by Marcelo Krasilcic // Mauro Mongiello and Juan Darío // Holly Woodlawn, Udo Kier and Paul Morrissey by Greg Gorman // Mauro Mongiello // Super Sybil [...]

Hot Rum Cow – #3

HotRum Cow – #3 Text auf Englisch 12,50 € This third issue is designed to light a fire in the belly. It has been steeped in Scotch and bathed in Bourbon. It’s awash with the water of life. It’s submerged in shots, doused in drams and soused in Scotland’s national drink (and we’re not talking Irn [...]

Cereal – #3

Cereal – #3 Text auf Englisch 16,00 € This time Cereal travels to Reykjavik, Iceland; Santa Barbara, USA; and the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland. The issue is also about delving into the taste, history and contemporary interpretations of edible flowers and insects. In the interlude, the magazine has talked to modern British menswear brand [...]

Flaneur – #1 Kantstrasse

Flaneur – #1 Kantstrasse Text auf Englisch 11,50 € FLANEUR MAGAZINE – Fragments of a Street. Flaneur Magazine presents one street per issue. The magazine presents its complexity, dynamic and fragmented nature and layers with a literary approach. It creates a meaningful correlation between places, stories, people and objects that aren’t necessarily related. Team: Founder [...]

Wilder – Spring 2013

Wilder – Spring 2013 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Wilder’s Spring edition takes a look at the dirtier side of plant life. They visit famed 1970s punk-band CRASS at their UK intentional community and garden, Dial House. They learn about the real birds and bees from famed botanist Timothy Erdmann. Fashion mavens Rodarte give them [...]

Paradiso – #2

Paradiso – #2 Frankreich Text auf Deutsch € 7,00 Dieses Mal geht die Reise nach Frankreich. Die Menschen, von denen diese Geschichten handeln, sind auf immer Franzosen, auch wenn sie vor Kriegsbeginn in Deutschland geboren wurden. Sie sind Feministinnen, und dabei feminin. Sie suchen nach dem perfekten Ort, und trauern um ihren besten Freund. Sie [...]

Gather – #3

Gather Journal – #3 Text auf Englisch € 18,00 The Spring/Summer 2013 “Rough Cut” issue focuses on film. Specifically summer movies with all their various sub – genres like the road trip, the summer romance, the beach idyll, and the summer in the city inspired an assortment of recipes as eclectic as the films themselves. [...]

Apartamento – #11

Apartamento – #11 Text auf Englisch 12,00 € In this issue: Francois Halard, Michael Stipe, Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Bob Gill, Anton Henning, Marlene Marino, Tony Cederteg, Maurice Scheltens and Liesbeth Abbenes, Ricardo Bofill, Elfie Semotan, Tenko Nakajima, Michael Smith, Santi Caleca, Lovis Caputo, Lars Muller, Alexander Scharer, Henry Roy, Jeremy Liebman. With a selection of proverbs [...]

Apology – #1

Apology – #1 Text auf Englisch 19,00 € Apology is a new magazine of art, fiction, games, humor, essays, interviews, journalism and photography. Founded and edited by former Vice magazine editor-in-chief Jesse Pearson, Apology is inspired in equal measure by the golden ages of The New Yorker and Esquire; by 1980s punk zines like Sick [...]


Purienne Text auf Englisch 39,95 € Voyeuristic, sun-drenched, and sexually charged, the photographs of Henrik Purienne offer high-fashion escapism. “What is an average day like for Henrik Purienne?” an interviewer once asked. “I wouldn’t know,” the South African photographer replied. Unless, of course, average can be defined as hedonistic, sun-drenched, and beachside. Draped across a [...]

Fantastic Man – #17 Frühling/Sommer 2013

Fantastic Man – #17 Text auf Englisch 9,00 € The 17th issue of Fantastic Man sees the popular artist Mr. JEREMY DELLER on the cover. The 46-year-old pop-culture enthusiast, who will represent the nation of Great Britain at the upcoming Venice Biennale, discusses his infatuation with the MANIC STREET PREACHERS and his genuine awe at [...]

Kinfolk – #7

Kinfolk – #7 Text auf Englisch 23,00 € Volume 7 is an ode to ice cream and a celebration of the spring season.

The Ride – #7

The Ride – #7 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € The Ride is fanatical about bikes but it’s not just for the fanatics. There are stories written by and about cyclists of all stripes – commuters, couriers, racers, BMX riders. Beautifully designed and absolutely packed with fascinating articles, it’s the perfect bike magazine for people who [...]

I love you – #9

I love you – #9 Text auf Englisch 9,00 € The 9th issue of I LOVE YOU magazine addresses a essential need while simultaneously reflecting the spirit of the times: Proper eating. Good and bad nutrition. Targeted dieting. Food as the new status symbol. As an action and as a necessity, the theoretical analysis of [...]

Encyclopedia for the Art and History of Tattooing

Encyclopedia for the Art and History of Tattooing – Henk Schiffmacher Text auf Deutsch und Englisch 67,00 € Von der Vorzeit bis in die Moderne beinhaltet „Hanky Pankys“ meisterhafte Enzyklopädie fast alle Fakten, technischen Begriffe und Anekdoten über Tätowierungen. Sie wird maßgeblich dazu beitragen, dass Tätowieren endgültig als vollwertige Kunstform ernst genommen nimmt. From prehistory [...]

Apartamento – #10

Apartamento – #10 Text auf Englisch 12,00 € FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF APARTAMENTO! Featuring: Esther Mahlangu, Yorgos Lanthimos, Witold Rybczynski, Ai Weiwei, Jim Walrod, Christophe Lemaire & Sarah-Linh Tran, Edward Colver, Coryander Friend, David Toro & Solomon Chase, Tauba Auerbach, Ken Garland, Rachel Korine, Ola Rindal, KK Barrett, Elein Fleiss, Jasper Morrison, Juergen Teller, Marlene Marino, Claudette Didul, Jeremy [...]

Kinfolk – #5

Kinfolk – #5 Text auf Englisch 22,50 € This autumn issue explores how refining our senses – taste, sight, sound, touch, and smell – enriches the experiences we have with each other. The pages also delve into practical ideas and recipes for entertaining as the leaves begin to fall: herb drying at home, fall camping, [...]

Anthology – #8

Anthology – #8 Text auf Englisch 12,00 € A beautiful quarterly shelter and lifestyle magazine created by Ahn-Minh Le + Meg Mateo Iilasco that takes a narrative approach to its coverage of home décor, travel, design, entertaining, and culture – envisioned as a collection of stories shared with readers.Issue #8 including Ceramicist Lisa Neimeth. Singapore [...]

Smith Journal – #3

Smith Journal Text auf Englisch 13,00 € Volume three is full of fascinating spaces and the stories of the inspired folks who work, live and think within them. There are the coffee houses of 18th century Europe where people from different classes and occupations would literally bump into one another to share ideas, and a [...]

Figure – #1

Figure – #1 Text auf Französisch und Englisch 12,00 € FIGURE is a Paris-based cultural journal featuring art, design, music, architecture, nature, photography, medias, gastronomy, style, sport and art de vivre investigations. Each issue presents 10 portraits of anonymous, emerging, famous or iconic personnalitie. First issue with Ferran Adrià, Famille Besse, Charlotte Cheetham, Jonathan Lasker, [...]

Lodown – #82

Lodown – #82 Text auf Englisch 6,90 € Slaves to Summer issue… MAURO PERUCCHETTI might be the secret lovechild of Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons // FLORENTIJN HOFFMAN reminds us of the joy of simple things through gigantic creatures he places in our towns// GREGG SEGAL is one of the most exciting photographers coming from [...]

Kinfolk, Volume Four

Kinfolk Volume Four Text auf Englisch 22,50 Euro Kinfolk ist ein Begriff für Verwandtschaftsbeziehungen aller Art, wobei Freundschaften und das gepflegte Miteinander in dieser Publikation besonders im Vordergrund stehen. Die Kultur der kleinen Zusammenkünfte, des gemeinsam entspannten Essens und Trinkens, wird hier in einer Weise zelebriert, die sich sowohl bei Erinnerungen aus der Kindheit als [...]

Tools – 2012

Tools – 2012 Text auf Japanisch und Englisch 28,50 € “TOOLS” is the book from HUZINE book label, which represents the idea cannot be compressed
 into HUGE. The new complete catalog of living style, TOOLS 2012 is out now. Handmade axe with a pride of pionner days in the USA, functional clothes pegs from the [...]

Sepp – Football Fashion #6

Sepp – Football Fashion Text auf Englisch 8,00 €

Lodown #81

Lodown – #81 Text auf Englisch 6,90 € BEN VENOM makes the most impressive quilts from old heavy metal t-shirts // MICHAEL BORREMANS brings the Flemish masters back on the map // MINJEONG AN might be the most brightest shining star of Seoul’s young and vivid art scene…BOBBY LIEBLING was resurrected from the dead by love // PONTUS ALV introduces POLARLAND and his [...]

Apartamento – #9

Apartamento – #9 Text auf Englisch 12,00 € Biannual Apartamento launched in 2008 to celebrate homes, living spaces and the people that inhabit them, as opposed to houses and design dictatorship. The magazine takes you in into the homes of artists, designers, musicians and other creative people, and tells stories about their lives through intimate [...]

Pohshot – #7

Popshot – #7 Text auf Englisch 8,00 € The #7 issue, based on the wonderfully tangled and extensive theme of Power. Expect to find poems about selling the sky, baby dictators, the infamous jumpers of 9/11, and women’s connection to the moon. Featuring work from some of the finest contemporary poets and illustrators working today.

Endless – #1

Endless #1 Asia Text auf Englisch 12,00 € Say hello to the Trip Family – Mrs. Trip, Mr Trip, BIG A trip, and LITTLE Z trip. They are traveling around the world and let us be part of their experience. MANIFESTO Travelling involves the unexpected. Change of location provides sensation. Always. The details are the [...]

Men´s file – #6

Men´s file – #6 Text auf Englisch 10,00 € The latest issue of photographer Nick Clements modernist magazine Mens File featuring: The Brough Breaks Records at Bonneville, Steam Railways and Tweed, Women of Action, The Real McCoys and Japan, 160 Illustrated Pages, California Still Has It !

Interview – Erste Ausgabe

Interview – #1 Text auf Deutsch 6,00 € INTERVIEW Deutschland zeigt einen einzigartigen Mix aus Mode, Kunst, Musik und Film. Ein Mensch, eine Kamera, kein Drehbuch – Screen Tests Berlin: Gerard Malanga, ehemaliger Mitarbeiter von Andy Warhol, zeigt 57 Prominente und Kreative, fotografiert in Berlin. Der Künstler Maurizio Cattelan im Briefwechsel mit Sänger Adriano Celentano. [...]

David LaChapelle – Earth Laughs in Flowers

David LaChapelle – Earth Laughs in Flowers Text in Englisch 38,00 € Grell, bunt, üppig, detailverliebt, plastisch, oft provokant, manchmal anstößig. So lässt sich das imposante Werk des US-amerikanischen Fotografen David LaChapelle beschreiben, in dem er Stars wie Madonna, Pamela Anderson, Michael Jackson, Björk und David Bowie in fotografischen Porträts, Modefotografie oder Musikvideos festhält.

The Wiki Man: Rory Sutherland

The Wiki Man: Rory Sutherland Texte auf Englisch 20,00 Euro Rory Sutherland is a marketing specialist and vice chairman of the Ogilvy Group. His itinerary through the agency led him from “the worst ever employed trainee”, whose idiosyncratic character soon rubbed against sections of administration, to the top of the Creative Department, where thinking outside [...]

Dummy #33 – Familie

Dummy Familie, #33 Texte auf Deutsch 6,00 Euro Das kommt in den besten Magazinen vor: Familie – das Thema im neuen Dummy-Magazin. Das publizistische Gegenprogramm zur Nido-Romantik. Mit adventlich Erhellendem zur Falschheit von Familienbildern, dem Nutzen von Psychotherapien, dem Hang zum Dresscode, den Perversitäten des US-Rechtssystems und dem neuesten Interior Design aus der Ornithologie.


Exactitudes Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek Texte auf Englisch 37,50 Euro You kind of know the type – the nice grannies in their many-shades-of-beige trench coats, the now-younger-than-ever-looking yummie mummies, the ‘game boys’ with their rectangular look, as well as the somehow-anyhow individual hipsters. In the study-esque photo book “Exactitudes” – a compound word coined [...]

Milk Déco #5