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Rakesprogress #7

Rakesprogress #7 € 16,90 The beauty and high-quality production of the seventh issue of Rakesprogress is a hint that this magazine is suited for the shelves of a zealous collector. Obviously it’s about plants and gardening, but also about other topics like photography, fashion and pottery. These are presented by paying equal attention to style [...]

The Plant #12

The Plant #12 € 15,- Right in time for the sunny weather – the new issue of The Plant magazine arrived.

Fare #2 – Helsinki

The Plant #11

Bloom #23

Migrant Journal #1

Migrant Journal #1 Text in English 20,00 Euro There is that type of publication that seems to be timeless and contemporary at the same time, blurring the lines between journal and book. Asking the relevant questions without feeding into the easy consumption of contemporary ‚trends‘, ‚turns‘, ‚shifts‘ or so called paradigms is a tough task [...]

The Plant #10

The Plant #10 Text in English 14,00 Euro It’s here! The latest issue of The Plant magazine with a beautiful double cover and photographs by Jürgen Teller, Nick Knight an many more! Also included, to celebrate its tenth issue, is an exclusive pull-out print by Viviane Sassen. Get your copy at the shop or send [...]

The Movement of Clouds around Mount Fuji

A Royal Sport – Jack London

Sirene Journal #3

Curves – California

Avaunt #2

Too Much #6

Avaunt #01

Avaunt #01 Text auf Englisch € 17,00 Avaunt is a world of adventure, innovation, nature, style and culture through print, digital and live events. A magazine dedicated to adventure – in the broadest possible sense. We will feature acts of endeavour and endurance from the wildest, highest, deepest, coldest and hottest corners of Earth. We [...]

Oak – #2

Oak – #2 Text auf Englisch € 20,00 In the second issue of Oak you will meet writer Siri Hustvedt, who describes the Norwegian genesis of her linguistic rhythms, as well as singer and rebel Mø, who left her provincial upbringing behind to make the world her stage. You will get close to Chef René [...]

Kinfolk – #13

Kinfolk – #13 Text auf Englisch € 16,50 The Autumn 2014 edition of Kinfolk is a celebration of all things imperfect. We’re all guilty of occasionally attempting to make our lives seem a little cleaner or a bit more organized, but the reality is often quite different. There’s nothing wrong with daydreaming of an idyllic [...]

Bloom – Brazil

Oak – #1

Oak – #1 Text auf Englisch € 20,00 Oak is a new Danish magazine with an international aim. The magazine deals with Nordic culture, cuisine, and design and focuses on the Nordic way of life and the people behind it. The Nordic Journal is an exclusive printed magazine paying tribute to the authentic life, the [...]

Endless – #2

Endless – #2: California Text auf Englisch € 15,00 The openness of American society and the Californian spirit is special, it fit perfectly to the Trip Families concept of creating experiences, so they stepped from opportunity to opportunity and from friends of friends to friends of friends who provided endless opportunities for local encounters. The [...]

Kinfolk – #12

Kinfolk – #12 Text auf Englisch € 16,50 Featuring: Photo essays that take us to salt-encrusted landscapes in Bolivia and Peru; Essays on the lure of the sea, sunburn, whale songs, John Steinbeck’s connection to the water. Interviews with the Meadow’s Mark Bitterman, best-selling author and former fisherman Mark Kurlansky, urban salt maker Sarah Sproule [...]

The Plant – #6

The Kinfolk Table by Nathan Williams

The Kinfolk Table Text auf Englisch € 30,00 Kinfolk have just published their first cookbook, reflecting their ideas about how entertaining should be: comfortable, simple, slow and meaningful. One-third cookbook, one-third narrative tale and one-third international adventure, “The Kinfolk Table” is a collection of 85 delectable recipes spread over nearly 400 pages from creative types [...]

The Plant – #5

The Plant – #5 Text auf Englisch 12,00 €¥ In the new issue they visit plant life in Mozambique with Lina Scheynius, the edible garden and allotment of Alys Fowler in Birmingham and investigate the supernatural vegetation of LA through the lens of Daniel Trese. Sarah Ryhanen writes about the ‘good life’ and the beginnings [...]

The Alpine Review – #2

The Alpine Review – #2 Text auf Englisch € 28,00 As the rate of change accelerates, many of us are devoting more and more energy to finding meaning, balance and a map that works. In pursuit of steady ground, we find ourselves looking to the past for solutions, inspiration, humility and truth. This more complete [...]

Wilder – Issue #7

Wilder – Issue #7 Text auf Englisch € 15,00 Wie immer ersetzt diese Ausgabe von „Wilder“ (fast) ein paar ausgiebige Ausflüge in die freie Natur. Jay Babcock und Stephanie Smith haben die Großstadt hinter sich gelassen und sich für ein Leben in der Wildnis nahe Joshua Tree entschieden. Für „Wilder“ haben sie ihre Tipps für [...]

Wilder – summer – fall 2013

Wilder – summer – fall 2013 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € As high heat fades into autumn’s blush, Wilder celebrate the most colorful time of year.

Monocle Mediterraneo – #7

Monocle Mediterraneo – #7 Text auf Englisch € 6,00 The seasonal Monocle Newspaper edition awaits us with tempting summer recipes, amazing holiday destinations, sunny neighbourhoods and sizzling reports on summer hideouts, surf havens, fashion and much more, all to be found around the mediterranean sea and presented in the much-loved monocle style. This just wants [...]

Cereal – #3

Cereal – #3 Text auf Englisch 16,00 € This time Cereal travels to Reykjavik, Iceland; Santa Barbara, USA; and the Antrim Coast in Northern Ireland. The issue is also about delving into the taste, history and contemporary interpretations of edible flowers and insects. In the interlude, the magazine has talked to modern British menswear brand [...]

Wilder – Spring 2013

Wilder – Spring 2013 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Wilder’s Spring edition takes a look at the dirtier side of plant life. They visit famed 1970s punk-band CRASS at their UK intentional community and garden, Dial House. They learn about the real birds and bees from famed botanist Timothy Erdmann. Fashion mavens Rodarte give them [...]

The Ride – #7

The Ride – #7 Text auf Englisch 15,00 € The Ride is fanatical about bikes but it’s not just for the fanatics. There are stories written by and about cyclists of all stripes – commuters, couriers, racers, BMX riders. Beautifully designed and absolutely packed with fascinating articles, it’s the perfect bike magazine for people who [...]

Cereal Magazine – #1

Cereal magazine – #1 Text auf Englisch 15,50 € SOLD OUT Cereal is a quarterly food and travel magazine. In this first volume they travel to Copenhagen, Ravello, Westonbirt. They also delve into the taste, history and contemporary interpretations of the following edible topics: carrots, matcha and the breakfast cereal.

Encyclopedia of Flowers – Makoto Azuma & Shunsuke Shiinoki

Encyclopedia of Flowers – Makoto Azuma & Shunsuke Shiinoki Text auf Englisch 58,00 € Die Encyclopedia of Flowers ist ein experimentierfreudiges Fotobuch über Blumen, Blüten und Bouquets, die wunderschön zusammengestellt und beeindruckend ausgeleuchtet fotografisch festgehalten wurden. The Encyclopedia of Flowers is an experimental photobook of buds, blossoms and bouquets, which have been beautifully compiled, strikingly [...]

The Plant – #3

The Plant #3 Text auf Englisch 12,00 € The obscure geometry of a flower An interview with the inspiring florist Thierry Boutemy and a visit to Derek Jarman’s cottage at Dungeness, where he created an atypical and magical garden. Wild flowers growing in Cap de Creus, the legendary Joshua Tree, cenotes from the Mexican Caribbean [...]

Jan Kempenaers – Picturesque

Jan Kempenaers – Picturesque Text auf Englisch 30,00 € Many of the works of the Belgian photographer Jan Kempenaers are artistic presentations of fragments of our environment – landscapes, as we have come to call them. Some of these landscapes are “natural” ones and continue an overtly picturesque tradition, like for instance his arresting photographs [...]

Endless – #1

Endless #1 Asia Text auf Englisch 12,00 € Say hello to the Trip Family – Mrs. Trip, Mr Trip, BIG A trip, and LITTLE Z trip. They are traveling around the world and let us be part of their experience. MANIFESTO Travelling involves the unexpected. Change of location provides sensation. Always. The details are the [...]

Pamphlet #14 – Mies als Gärtner

Pamphlet #14 – Mies als Gärtner Texte auf Deutsch und Englisch 17,50 Euro Unter dem amüsanten Titel »Mies als Gärtner« betrachtet »Pamphlet« die Bedeutung der Natur in Mies van der Rohes Werk. Anders als es die Strenge der klassischen Moderne vermuten lässt, wird hier der Natur in Hinblick auf Ausrichtung, Ausführung und Komposition der Bauwerke [...]

The Plant Journal

Issue #01, Spring/Summer 2011 Text auf Englisch 12,00 € Jennilee Marigomen, Stephen Eichhorn, Lope Serrano, Antonio Luque, Ignacio Moralejo, Troublesome Houses in NYC, Doubleplants, Amy Wu, Luis Cerveró, My own little Garden, Yukinori Maeda, Diego Bustamante, Scheltens & Abbenes, Dylan vs Young, Mark Borthwick and monograph on Staghorn Fern.

The Art of Eating

The Art of Eating #86 About the best food and wine Text auf Englisch 15,00 € Making Your Own Fresh Cheese. Just-made cheese has its own clear, clean dairy taste, but, at least in North America, few people know it. It’s not hard to make it yourself. – Cooking the Kill. A deer hunter, his [...]

Club Donny #6

Winter 2010 Text auf Englisch 10,00 € Club Donny is a strictly unedited journal on the personal experience of nature in the urban environment, published bi-annually as a tiny-scale English language magazine. Club Donny # 6 includes contributions by Birdhead, Bert de Jong, Bert de Muynck, Hanne Hagenaars, Jelle Bouwhuis, Bjorn Staps, Joris Landman, Anouk [...]