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Summer Reading

diaphanes #1

Jacobin #24

Bloom #23

F.R.David #13 – Inverted Commas

E.R.O.S. #8 Self/Love

E.R.O.S. #8 – Self/Love Text in English 12,00 Euro We’re very much in love with E.R.O.S.’ latest publication SELF/LOVE. This collection of short stories, poetry and experimental writing by Tim Etchells, Naomi Segal, Adrian Rifkin and many more revolves around the troubles and beauties of love, lust, longing and libido. A beautifully made, emphatic book [...]

Migrant Journal #1

Migrant Journal #1 Text in English 20,00 Euro There is that type of publication that seems to be timeless and contemporary at the same time, blurring the lines between journal and book. Asking the relevant questions without feeding into the easy consumption of contemporary ‚trends‘, ‚turns‘, ‚shifts‘ or so called paradigms is a tough task [...]

Die Epilog #05

Lapham’s Quaterly Vol.9 #1

We go to the gallery

Holy Bible

The Internet Does Not Exist

The Baffler #27 – the first-ever fashion issue!

Why Grow Up? – Susan Neiman

Philosophy in Transit Series Text auf Englisch 12,00 Euro