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A little history of literature

A little history of literature – John Sutherland € 15,- In 2011 the BBB Vocational School in Baden initiated an art department dedicated for students who are training to become polymechanics, computer scientists, electronics technicians, chefs or hairdressers. The purpose is to allow them to experiment with new aesthetic opportunities through engaging with artists and [...]

The Long 1980s

The Long 1980s € 29,- The 1980s, a decade of decadence, innovation and social movements. The repercussions of which are felt today. In the UK and the US Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan respectively buckled down on redrafting neo-liberal economic policies, while the Soviet Union was brewing its own demise toward the fall of the [...]

A formal Film in Nine Episodes

A formal Film in Nine Episodes € 49,- Grandmother India and Markus Weisbeck/Surface release ‘A Formal Film in Nine Episodes’ by artist Mario Pfeifer. It’s part of Pfeifer’s film project of the same name. A critical reader publication, the ensemble of the book describes the contemporary Asian Metropolis from anthropological perspectives on the Greater Mumbai. [...]

Schmieren / Kleben

Schmieren / Kleben € 70,- In 1976 the Criminal Commissariat III, in the state protection department of the city police of Zurich started making a record of political street slogans, colour painting and spray paint art under a file called “Schmieren/ Kleben”. The documentation of what was then considered property damaging acts of vandalism was [...]

Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now

Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now € 14,- If not already convinced that social media is negatively influencing your life, many of us are quite skeptical about its benefits, and the poorly checked role of culprits like Facebook and Google. Click delete to save your soul is the main message of [...]

Architecture and Human Rights

Architecture and Human Rights € 39,90 “In a just world this book would not be written…” True, calling for a new approach to urbanization and design, Architecture and Human Rights by Tiziana Panizza Kassahun urges architects and city developers to take a more socially responsible positions in the making of cities. In order to face [...]

Wie die Populärkultur nach Deutschland kam

Wie die Populärkultur nach Deutschland kam € 24,- Professor Christian Huck from the English Department of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel studies the roots of popular culture in Germany and the changes it has undergone throughout the 20th century until the present moment. From the power of saxophones and girls to TV series, penny journals, cocktails, [...]

Night Fever

Night Fever -Designing Club Culture € 59,90 What does this magnificent volume from Vitra Museum’s ongoing Night Fever exhibition has to offer? For one, a luminous flashback into the frenzies of the last fifty years’ nocturnal living with rare insights into how the nightlife culture evolved hand-in-hand with design ideas. It starts with the years [...]

Responding to Particular Needs at a Precise Moment

Responding to Particular Needs at a Precise Moment € 16,- Responding to Particular Needs at a Precise Moment is the visual interpretation of a research by Jonas von Lenthe into the architectural landscape of Tirana. With rudimentary photos which Lenthe personally took, archive material and interviews with local architects this book shows how architecture developed [...]

The future starts here

The future starts here € 29,- How would the future possibly look like? Especially in a world where things seem to be heading somewhere where design is playing a very important role in shaping such future! Touching upon issues like DNA analysis, artificial intelligence, synthetic biology and space exploration, The Future Starts Here explores cutting [...]

The Politics of Design

The Politics of Design € 17,- Typography, colour preferences, photography, symbols and information graphics are essentially the products of specific political and social contexts. And that’s what the Politics of Design examines. In other words, it’s about the different cultural fabrics of human interaction which produce the ideas, shapes and colors of design activities. By [...]

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