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More than Real #2

More than Real #2 – Art in the Digital Age € 14,80 More than real, art in the digital world is released in occasion of the Verbier Art Summit 2018 (“an event grouping innovative thinkers in a beautiful, intimate -almost hidden- site for meaningful dialogues.”) Put together by Michelle Kuo, head of painting and sculpture [...]

Hello World

Hello World – Revising a Collection € 59,- Five Museums in Berlin are represented by the Nationalgalerie, an institution dating back to 1861: The Alte Nationalgalerie, the Neue Nationalgalerie, the Museum Berggruen, the Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg and the Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart. The collected artworks in these museums are currently under scrutiny in an [...]

Design as an Attitude

Design as an Attitude – Alice Rawsthorn € 20,- Design As An Attitude explores the power of design in creating a better world. Inspired by the last few years intense economic, political and ecological vulnerabilities, New York Times and Frieze magazine columnist Alice Rawsthorn assembles narrative essays to chart the different aspects of contemporary design. [...]

Entkunstung #1

Entkunstung – Yearbook #1 € 28,- The 1980s, a decade of decadence, innovation and social movements. The repercussions of which are felt today. In the UK and the US Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan respectively buckled down on redrafting neo-liberal economic policies, while the Soviet Union was brewing its own demise toward the fall of [...]

Plan and Play, Play and Plan

Plan and Play, Play and Plan – Defining your art practice € 22,- What does it take for an emerging artist or designer or other sorts of creative independents to become who they are? What are the questions, traits, ambitions and restrictions that determine this? And how can they successfully guide their way through artistic [...]

A formal Film in Nine Episodes

A formal Film in Nine Episodes € 49,- Grandmother India and Markus Weisbeck/Surface release ‘A Formal Film in Nine Episodes’ by artist Mario Pfeifer. It’s part of Pfeifer’s film project of the same name. A critical reader publication, the ensemble of the book describes the contemporary Asian Metropolis from anthropological perspectives on the Greater Mumbai. [...]

Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now

Ten arguments for deleting your social media accounts right now € 14,- If not already convinced that social media is negatively influencing your life, many of us are quite skeptical about its benefits, and the poorly checked role of culprits like Facebook and Google. Click delete to save your soul is the main message of [...]

Wie die Populärkultur nach Deutschland kam

Wie die Populärkultur nach Deutschland kam € 24,- Professor Christian Huck from the English Department of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel studies the roots of popular culture in Germany and the changes it has undergone throughout the 20th century until the present moment. From the power of saxophones and girls to TV series, penny journals, cocktails, [...]

Aperture Conversations

Aperture Conversations € 32,- Here’s a meticulous compilation of some historically invaluable dialogues made between photographers, writer, critics, curators, editors, and artists from 1985 to the present day. Released by Aperture, the New York based photography quarterly journal, these dialogues are collected from previous publications of the journal, based on their originality and historical merit. [...]

The Politics of Design

The Politics of Design € 17,- Typography, colour preferences, photography, symbols and information graphics are essentially the products of specific political and social contexts. And that’s what the Politics of Design examines. In other words, it’s about the different cultural fabrics of human interaction which produce the ideas, shapes and colors of design activities. By [...]

What I’ve learned

What I’ve learned € 30,- An advice taken from an artist approaching the twilight of their career is more treasured than one from someone still at the beginning. The former is usually more prone to self-examination and to beingmore open about the blunders they could have avoided, instead of only focusing on the bright side [...]

Machines and Robots

Machines and Robots – Edition Digital Culture € 18,- Machines and Robots studies how the subject of robotics have been approached in science and technology, in literature and art, and in cultural history, wondering whether machines are able to be creative. Several leading scholars looked into this, including Andreas Broeckmann who approaches the issue from [...]

Spaces of Uncertainty

Spaces of Uncertainty – Berlin Revisited € 39,95 Edited by Kenny Cupers and Markus Miessen, Spaces of Uncertainty (all texts in german) critically examines the urban development trajectory which Berlin took after the fall of the wall. The contributors in this book demonstrate how the city’s urban transformations since then didn’t effectively succeed in removing [...]

Making Sense

Making Sense – 10 years of Research in Art and Design € 22,- On the occasion of ten years since moving its premises to Renens, Switzerland and since the creation of EPFL+ECAL Lab Institution to foster innovation in technology, design and architecture, the University of Art and Design Lausanne releases Making Sense – 10 years [...]

The Serving Library Annual

The Serving Library Annual € 30,- The inaugural edition of The Serving Library Annual from Roma Publications takes on from where its predecessor DOT DOT DOT Magazine had left off back in 2001. With a wide range of stories told in the first person narrative, the Serving Library should come in handy for an international [...]

MacGuffin #4

diaphanes #1

Elephant #30

Happy International Women’s Day!

F.R.David #13 – Inverted Commas

E.R.O.S. #8 Self/Love

E.R.O.S. #8 – Self/Love Text in English 12,00 Euro We’re very much in love with E.R.O.S.’ latest publication SELF/LOVE. This collection of short stories, poetry and experimental writing by Tim Etchells, Naomi Segal, Adrian Rifkin and many more revolves around the troubles and beauties of love, lust, longing and libido. A beautifully made, emphatic book [...]

Migrant Journal #1

Migrant Journal #1 Text in English 20,00 Euro There is that type of publication that seems to be timeless and contemporary at the same time, blurring the lines between journal and book. Asking the relevant questions without feeding into the easy consumption of contemporary ‚trends‘, ‚turns‘, ‚shifts‘ or so called paradigms is a tough task [...]

Harvard Design Magazine # 43 – Shelf Life

Harvard Design Magazine # 43 – Shelf Life Text in English 16,00 Euro #43 of Harvard Design – titled Shelf Life – is ‘an investigation of contents, containers and systems of storage that organize our world’. Already in the editorial letter the oozing wound of contemporary capitalism is being poked into: ‚How does all this [...]

Berlin Fashion Week Special – Culture Industry

If Berlin Fashion Week leaves you thinking you’re trapped in the industry’s treadmill of shallowness and blind consumerism, don’t surrender. There are exciting magazines and journals out there, offering a critical and informed look at the CULTURE INDUSTRY of Fashion. VESTOJ’s latest issue looks at masculine and male identities within fashion – weaving theory with [...]

Art against Art #2

Die Epilog #05

Lapham’s Quaterly Vol.9 #1


E.R.O.S. #7

Mac Guffin #2

We go to the gallery

Dirty Furniture #2


The Internet Does Not Exist

Curating research

Curating research Text auf Englisch € 24,00 Zur Vorbereitung der Veröffentlichung „curating research“ verschickten die Herausgeber Paul O’Neill und Mick Wilson Einladungen mit der Bitte, sich mit der Definition und Beziehung der Begriffe „curating“, „curatorial“ und „research“ zu beschäftigen. Auf hohem sprachlichen Niveau diskutieren Kuratoren, Künstler, Kritiker und Akademiker die daraus resultierenden Fragestellungen: Welche Rolle [...]

Ways of Curating

Ways of Curating – Hans Ulrich Obrist Text auf Englisch € 15,00

Texte zur Kunst #97

Texte zur Kunst #97 Text auf Deutsch 15,00 € Sub- versus massenkulturelles Kapital, digitale Verfügbarkeit, soziale Privilegien, Aussteigertum, Verdrängung und Exil – das Themenspektrum, das diese Ausgabe unter dem Begriff der Bohème diskutiert, ist breit. Die Attraktivität bohemistischer Ideale ist zum Teil sicherlich dem Versprechen einer totalen Konnektivität des Internets zum Opfer gefallen. Oder spielt [...]

Kultur & Gespenster – Ghostbusters

Kultur & Gespenster #15 – Ghostbusters Text auf Deutsch 16,00 € »Ghostbusters« heißt die 15. Ausgabe von »Kultur & Gespenster« und sie widmet sich den Geistern, die uns aus der jüngeren Vergangenheit anfallen. Hat man sie einmal ausgemacht, lassen sich einige dieser Dämonen mit einem Abwehrzauber bannen. Philipp Felsch beschreibt in seinem Text »Into the [...]

Vestoj #5

Vestoj The Journal of Sartorial Matters Text auf Englisch € 17,00 Das jährlich erscheinende monothematische Journal of Sartorial Matters „Vestoj“, ist die perfekte Antithese zur oft schnelllebigen, trendorientierten Berichterstattung der Modeindustrie. Auch in seiner 5. Ausgabe bleibt das Magazin seinem Manifest treu, indem es eine Brücke zwischen akademischer Welt und Industrie schlägt und konsequent auf [...]

Hacking als künstlerische Strategie

HackingText auf Deutsch und Englisch€ 15,00 Seit der Popularisierung der Computertechnologie durch Personal Computer und Internet übt die Strategie des Hackings eine besondere Faszination auf die Medienkunst aus. Warum ist das so? Welche Botschaften vermitteln die Künstler mit diesen Projekten? Der zweite Band der Reihe ‹Edition Digital Culture› geht diesen Fragen auf den Grund.