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Ok, ok, we are late with this one, not only for christmas, in general it has been a while since we’ve sent out our last newsletter. Sorry for that! Maybe you follow us on instagram (@doyoureadme_berlin) – good – or drop by our store every now and then to get your hands on and your nose into some fresh smelling print – even better. Anyhow we’d like to take the festive oportunity to introduce you to some great books and new issues being both, approbriate gift ideas and satisfying personal reading matter. Oh, oh, oh, and not to forget our shiny gilt-edged 365 calendrical notebook and beloved voucher.

Like every year, our store will be closed on 24th and 31st of december, but we’ll be here for you every other day, Monday to Saturday 10am to 7.30pm.



Field Studies
- Chrystel Lebas

€ 52,00

Following on the footsteps of English botanist Sir Edward James Salisbury, French photographer Chrystel Lebas takes her camera and ventures into long walks through the landscapes of the British Isles. She revisits the same sights Salisbury photographed back in the 1920s and 1930s. The photos Lebas takes are dark-toned plant habitats which evoke the solemn mysticism of dusk time. A special section of the book has pictures of plant species produced on light-sensitive paper without the use of a camera, wherefore the shape of plants juxtaposed against plain colour backgrounds come out surprisingly vibrant, and sharply clear.



- Ellie Uyttenbroek

€ 22,00

Ellie Uyttenbroek goes through the World Collection Photographs of the Nederlands Fotomuseum and picks one hundred striking portraits of ethnic individuals from the 1850s onward. The photos were taken by traders, missionaries and world travelers into areas as remote as the Tanimbar Islands, Jamaica, Mecca and Tunisia. Uyttenbroek wants to demonstrate the linkages between the contemporary fashion scene and these seemingly cultural and time distant profiles. Her technique brings the specific features in their styling preferences into attention through colour manipulation and a rigorous compilation of the photos.



- Karel Martens

€ 35,00

Motion is published along the Kunstverein München exhibition (spring 2017) by the Dutch artist and graphic designer Karel Martens. Conceptualised and designed by Julie Peeters, the book contains a series of still photos from the videos Lost & Found (2004), and Tol (2008), in addition to a transcribed conversation which Martens had with Kunstverein director Chris Fitzpatrick. The largest section in the book is dedicated to photographs taken from Martens’ studio wall, which were also the subject of the animated video Not for Resale (1997-2000).



Rijksmuseum Cookbook
€ 46,00

The Rijksmuseum Cookbook is a testimony to the richness of the Dutch cuisine – not a joke! It is permeated with hundreds of illustrations, stories, recipes, and personal dish propositions by fifty of the Netherlands top chefs and master patissiers. The book takes off with fifty defining ingredients which are indispensable to the culinary history of the Netherlands. These, constitute the basis for 130 traditional and modern dishes presented in light of their relation to the Rijksmuseum’s collection of artworks and brilliantly designed by Irma Boom Office.



The Anatomy of Colour
- Patrick Baty

€ 45,00

In this remarkable investigation British historian Patrick Baty tells the story of how the production and usage of decorative colour and paint came about in the past 300 years. Throughout the book we note how different color combinations made sense to different epochs and became the standard for taste, including highlights on what made early notables pick specific colour schemes for their home decoration. Illustrated references to colour appellations, and categorisation of “the common”, “the expensive”, “the more expensive” and “the traditional” types of colour pigments succeed with presentations of the work of key colour theorists of each era.
A comprehensive volume on the origins and appliances of colour and paint, this book is rich with references and visual stimulation, that would effortlessly appeal to both amateurs and specialists of colour.

A Dictionary of Colour Combinations
€ 18,00

A neat guide to an original 348 colour combinations elaborated by the Japanese avant-garde artist Sanzo Wada, this booklet evokes Japanese mid-20th century taste. It’s a cultural record from the Showa and Taisho periods of which universality and relevance to contemporary colour research is not yet a passé.



Utsuwa Katachi
- Japanese Ceramics and Forms

€ 36,00

‘If you align your two little fingers and cup your hands together, you make the basic shape of an Utsuwa.’ The art of Japanese pottery-making culminates here. The word means “container” or “vessel”, but if you focus too much on just the word, you might miss something. Behind, lies a range of cultural associations such as humility, gratitude and open-heartedness, which the ceramic producers transfer to the distinctive forms of their work. One wonders no more when looking at the range of bowls, dishes, pots, tea bowls, katakutchis, sake bottles and jars ornamenting the pages of this book.



Pasolini’s Bodies and Places
edited by Michele Mancini and Giuseppe Perrella
€ 78,00

Pier Paolo Pasolini was undoubtedly one of Italy’s most visionary intellectuals and film directors of the 20th century. His work, and the controversy around his life and death are worthy of a typical italian un giallo, a black thriller story. In this vast collection of black and white photographs and written extracts from Pasolini’s pre film-shooting notes, film critics Michele Mancini and Giuseppe Perrella offer a long-awaited initiation into his work translated for the first time into the English language.
The original volume in Italian language from which this book is driven expands on 600 pages, including a classification of 2000 films arranged according to Pasolini’s notions of “bodies” and “places”.


And here some very interesting new titles…





Texte zur Kunst #108 – Idiom
€ 16,50

Monu #27
€ 15,00

Fount Magazine #2 – Connect
€ 14,00




Real Review #5
€ 12,00

Kink #27
€ 17,00

Mono.Kultur #44 – Trevor Paglen
€ 5,00




Migrant #3
€ 20,00

Open House #8
€ 18,00

Leon #4
€ 18,90




032c #33 – Berlin Kidz
€ 15,00

The Great Discontent Traveler #1
€ 10,00

System #10
€ 18,50


And not to forget, our do you read me?! classics…
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